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Collegiate Network Behind Move To Launch Independent College Newspapers

Tweet For those of us with a journalistic background or possessing admiration for the fourth estate, witnessing the closure of college newspapers on campuses across the country has been a

Campus News

Murderous College Professor Remains At Large

Tweet George Zinkhan is a University of Georgia marketing professor, but also the top suspect behind the murder of three people who were at a theater group picnic on Saturday

Campus News

Mysterious Donor Contributes Tens Of Millions To Universities

Tweet Scores of colleges and universities across the country are assessing their financial positions, with many reeling from monies lost last fall when a severe stock market correction hammered their

College Budgeting

The Best and Worst of 529 College Savings Plans

Tweet 529 college savings plans are a popular investment vehicle for people who want to set aside money for college for either themselves, their children, or for some other eligible

Campus News

Fired Columbia Prof Back In The News

Tweet It was a scandal first reported in February 2008: a Columbia University professor was under investigation for plagiarism as well as for hatching an alleged racial incidence whereby she

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College Board Supports Education For Children of Illegal Aliens

Tweet College Board, which is an organization founded in 1900 to help students make the transition from high school to college, has weighed in on of the most important, if

Student Loans

I Can’t Repay My Student Loans!

Tweet Students who are planning to graduate from college this spring or have recently graduated may be finding the going difficult in securing employment. Since last summer unemployment in some

Campus News

Wake Forest Provost Is “Rethinking Admissions”

Tweet The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) has long been the benchmark that colleges and universities use to determine whether a student is admitted or not. That test has set the

College Budgeting

Don’t Let The Recession Stop You From Seeking College Scholarships

Tweet Read the news and you can quickly get the impression that tens of thousands, perhaps millions of students will be having a difficult time paying for their college education

Campus News

Commencement Speakers Take Center Stage

Tweet I must admit that I don’t remember who spoke at my college’s commencement back in 1985. I was present at the convocation, but after attending school day and night

Career Planning

Teacher Outlook: Cloudy At Best

Tweet My wife and I come from families where a number of people are teachers or have had teacher training. If fact, my wife taught pre-school for fourteen years and

Campus Cars Career Planning

Temporary Employment May Be New Grads Only Option

Tweet The job market right now is the grimmest it has been in twenty-five years, meaning that new college graduates will find the going difficult as they search for work