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Fun News

Social Networking Sites Nobody Uses

Tweet Email is dead and message board communities no longer have the pull that they once did. A number of social networking sites once thought as influential simply no longer

Fun News

Broke This Christmas? These Gift Ideas Keep On Giving!

Tweet With final exams on your mind, who has the time to shop for Christmas? Indeed, while Friday may be the last day for exams at many colleges, some schools

Campus News

Stressed Out By College? You’re Not Alone!

Tweet On Wednesday, The New York Times published an article – College Dropouts Cite Low Money and High Stress – which explained how difficult it is for some college students


Tiger Woods Damage Control Advice

Tweet It is nearly impossible to avoid news about Tiger Woods, the professional golfer who is now at the center of a scandal involving alleged adulterous affairs he has had

Academics Study Tips

Caught Red-Handed: Plagiarism Checkers Really Work

Tweet That essay you’ve been working on looks and sounds really nice. You’ve put together a convincing report, have checked your spelling and grammar, and you’ve cited multiple sources. Unfortunately

Fun News

Facebook Surpasses 350 Million Users

Tweet Zuckerberg reveals important changes coming your way The December 1st announcement by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that his wildly popular social networking site has reached the 350 million user

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Emerging Trend? Hofstra Cancels Football Program.

Tweet Long Island, New York’s Hofstra University isn’t exactly a powerhouse when it comes to college football. The Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) program – formerly known as 1-AA – hasn’t

Education Tips

Winter Session: Attend or Skip?

Tweet Right now, millions of college students are finishing up the fall semester, with some taking exams this week or next. Soon, one half of the academic year will have

Campus News

CUNY’s Fiterman Hall To Rise Again

Tweet Many years have gone by since Muslim terrorists flew a pair of jetliners into the twin World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. In addition to murdering thousands

Career Planning

US Census Bureau Jobs Provide College Cash

Tweet Make no mistake about it: college jobs are scarce with many schools having cut back on hiring. Notably, quite a few businesses in the vicinity of even well trafficked

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Fired College Football Coaches: Numbers Surge

Tweet College football is big time business at quite a few schools, a cash generator that brings in enough money to fund most of the other money losing athletic programs