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Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Fans Weigh In: Keep Congress Out!

Tweet Congress should heed the wishes of its constituents especially when it comes to post season college football. By a slim 48 to 45 margin, most fans want Congress to

Career Planning

10 Smart Tips For Savvy Job Seekers

Tweet Yesterday, SayCampusLife shared tips on how using LinkedIn—the professional networking site—can be beneficial in helping you find work, particularly if you are a college senior. Today, we’re going to

Career Planning

7 LinkedIn Strategies For College Seniors

Tweet Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, are popular social networking sites for college students, but what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and is used mainly for professional networking, the

Campus Cars

7 Desirable Auto Car Insurance Companies

Tweet Auto insurance coverage is mandatory in most states or can be waived if you can show sufficient proof of assets. In any case, car insurance can help protect you


The Best of 2009

Tweet The top five in demand articles for the year 2009 will close in one week’s time, but we already know which of our articles were your top picks of

Career Planning

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Resume Makeover

Tweet If you’re still looking for the perfect gift to give to the college student in your life, might I recommend a resume makeover? This can come in handy for

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Holiday Hoops Light Up College Campuses

Tweet The men’s college basketball season is in transition right now as teams finish up their non-conference activity before starting their nine week push to the post season. No games

Fun News

Having A Party? Insure First!

Tweet If you are hosting a party while on winter break, that kind of event can be a good time for you to catch up with your friends, but it

Fun News

7 Ways To Relax This Winter Break

Tweet Your exams are over and you’re home for the holidays. Welcome to the start of your annual winter break, a three- or five-week respite from studying, test taking, and

Campus News

Community College Enrollment At Record Levels

Tweet A tough economy has sent hundreds of thousands of students back to school, people who are seeking new skills to equip them with the tools to succeed in a


Full Payment May Open College Doors

Tweet Payment in full is a term we’re used to hearing when paying for a number of services including car repairs, electrical work, plumbing, and more. When it comes to

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Army, Navy Bring Regular Season To An End

Tweet Finally, after three and one half months, the 2009 college football season has come to an end. Navy and Army closed out the season this past Saturday, the eighth