Broke This Christmas? These Gift Ideas Keep On Giving!


With final exams on your mind, who has the time to shop for Christmas? Indeed, while Friday may be the last day for exams at many colleges, some schools will be testing everyone’s patience by finishing up exams on December 23rd. Rutgers University students are nodding their heads in agreement as they read this!

piggybankClearly, time is not on the side of many students when it comes to Christmas shopping. This year, finances may also be a concern which means that traditional gift giving ideas may need to be discarded in favor of other options.

Unique Gift Ideas

Let’s take a look at some unique ideas for the time pressed, cash strapped student this Christmas:

Parents – If you have younger brothers and/or sisters, why not tell your parents to go out on a date night, which means you’ll watch the little terrors for three or four hours? Now’s your chance to demonstrate your love to your parents, while taking the opportunity to revisit pranks played on you by your siblings on them.

If you are feeling especially magnanimous, you could even offer to watch your siblings on New Year’s Eve. Okay, let’s not push it!

Grandparents – If your grandparents are very much alive, yet not able to do what they need to do for themselves, then spending an afternoon with them could be the highlight of their Christmas season. Especially if you agree to clean bathrooms, organize papers, find the missing ring that fell behind the sofa, brush kitty, shovel snow, drive them over to the mall in search of after holiday bargains, and more.

You’ll enjoy each others company plus maybe this year granny will finally tell you how she keeps that blue tint in her hair!

Siblings – Chances are your brothers and sisters will get everything they want for Christmas from your parents with everything they don’t want from aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends. This is where you can make a huge difference for them while scratching a number of names off of your Christmas gift giving list. For example, the night you plan on sending your parents out on a date, you can cook up a special meal for the rest of the family.

Scour through the kitchen cabinets and add a few things to the family food shopping list. Make pizzas, put together punch, work on a newfangled dessert, and have everyone pitch in. While everyone is eating, put on a movie and make a game of it by searching for clues and requiring the kids to cite their favorite line when it is over. Follow that up with a board game, an impromptu night time sleigh ride, or come up with something else that will wear them down and out before your parents return home.

Friends – Don’t worry about getting your friends anything for Christmas, because you know that after the holiday ends, you’ll have your fun times together. And that makes for a perfect time to have a party grab bag on hand where everyone brings something with them that they got for Christmas and don’t want and places that items in the bag.

Everyone gets a chance to pick out a new gift and you can trade what you got with someone else. Come up with some ground rules first such as gifts that probably cost ten dollars or less.

Christmas Memories

In later years you’ll look back on this Christmas and remember that it is often the simple gifts and celebrations that have the most profound impact on others as well as on yourself. Don’t stress out this holiday season – give the best gift of all: yourself.

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