Restoking the Conference Expansion Fire!


Plenty of giggles and grins to go around

Have you heard the latest news about the college conference expansions?  Yes, we have. How can you miss them…they are becoming more absurd by the moment!

college footballWe’ve decided to take the Big Ten Conference at their word when they stated that a forthcoming announcement for that conference isn’t exactly ready for primetime. That 12-18 month timeframe outlined late last year means that an announcement won’t come until the first half of 2011.

But based on the latest rumors and assorted conjectures, the Big Ten Conference’s hand could be forced if certain scenarios unfold including:

PAC 10 Big 12 Grab — We know that the PAC 10 and Big 12 conferences have discussed hooking up on an alliance basis with some of the rumors suggesting that the two conferences might merge to form a super 22 school conference. We don’t think that will happen but we are amused when we hear that the PAC 10 plans to grab six Big 12 schools in a bid to expand on their own.  Under this scenario, reports that Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and Texas A&M would leave the Big 12 to form a 16 team league with two divisions of eight teams each.

SEC Muscles In — Clearly the best football conference in the nation, but lagging in basketball, the SEC won’t stand by if the Big 12 implodes. Of the remaining teams the conference might be interested in, Missouri and Nebraska are the most appealing. Both schools have been considered for the Big Ten, but the SEC just might push in and grab them both if the Big Ten dallies. This is my conjecture based on the PAC 10 grab; but I don’t expect the SEC to stop there: they’ll make a play for West Virginia and steal an ACC team (Georgia Tech) to form their own 16 team superconference.

Big East Panic — My survey of various Big East message boards including Syracuse and Rutgers shows fans worrying about what will happen to that conference if just one school was picked up by the Big Ten. states that Ohio, Central Florida and East Carolina wouldn’t offer the same appeal for the Big East as would grabbing the Memphis Tigers, a perennial basketball powerhouse languishing in Conference USA. Why stop there? Central Michigan would love to be promoted and would even out the number of football teams with ten in the conference.

Big Ten Greed — Writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gene Collier calls the Big Ten conference greedy for wanting to expand as the conference already possesses considerable wealth. Not that college presidents would listen, but Collier has a point: when is enough enough? Oh, if Notre Dame would stop being silly and agree to join the Big Ten…all of this nonsense would quickly come to an end.

It is going to be a very long and hot summer!

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