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Social Networking

Google Me: Facebook Challenger or Social Media Pretender?

Tweet Rumors have been swirling since last weekend that Google is up to something big in social media. And that “big” is reportedly being designed to take on Facebook, by


8 Tech Gadgets Every College Student Should Consider

Tweet By Tom Tessin Every year that I look at the new, incoming freshman for the year, I’m always fascinated by the technology.  I didn’t really graduate that long ago

Collegiate Sports

Debbie Yow Named NC State Athletic Director

Tweet A Yow once again is in the wolf den. The surname Yow is not a common one, but it is well known to the North Carolina State University community.

Campus News

GI Bill Study Abroad Clarification Issued

Tweet Students eligible for college funding under the GI Bill have a wonderful benefit available to them. But with so many people living and working abroad, taking college classes at

Collegiate Sports

Is Cheerleading a Varsity Sport?

Tweet It takes a certain amount of skill, lots of practice and a level of enthusiasm unique to its craft. What am I talking about? Cheerleading. Cheerleaders have been been

Study Tips

You Can Improve Your College Class Grades

Tweet Getting passing grades at college doesn’t take much effort, but getting outstanding grades usually means you spent a considerable amount of time working on your studies. The difference between

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Football Realignment Dings Strong Rivalries

Tweet Read it and weep. The Holy War is no more. At least that is the talk taking place in the state of Utah where a pair of bitter rivals,

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Happiest Kid on Campus

Tweet What parents need to know…. Rising high school seniors, college students and parents looking for poolside reading may want to take a look at a new work developed by

Online Education

History of Online Education

Tweet By Ann Smarty Online education has created possibilities that previous generations couldn’t even fathom. Literally, students can earn their entire degree at home, by working when it’s convenient for

College Training

6 Sports Medicine College Programs

Tweet Athletic training at the collegiate level. Sports-minded college students considering their medical matriculation options need only look to the area of sports medicine for a rewarding career. Athletic trainers

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Analysis: Longhorns Derail Expansion Train

Tweet It’s over. The Texas Longhorns have done what no other university could possibly do: stop the runaway conference expansion train. By dismissing its most ardent suitor, the PAC 10

Campus News Personal Advice

The New Health Insurance Bill – How It Affects Your Generation

Tweet By Garrett Ball In March of 2010, the health insurance reform legislation was signed into law by President Obama. While many people from all age groups may tend to