Easy Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage


How to save money on gas.

Mothballs in the gas tank. Super chip to improve performance and fuel efficiency. Converting your car to run on water.

When gas prices soared past four dollars a gallon a few years back, drivers were scrambling for ways to save on gas. Some methods were total cons while others did the job, but were costly to implement.

Efficiency Methods

Most methods for saving gas are not that costly and include common sense measures that are easy to implement including the following:

Tire Inflation — Just how under inflated are your tires? You can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 2-3 percent if your tires are inflated at the recommended psi. Plus, properly inflated tires last longer and are safer. One more thought: New tires may be the best way for you to save money. According to Consumer Reports recommends drivers shop to “…look for high-rated tires with low rolling resistance.” You may be able to save $100 each year if you choose new tires.

Car Maintenance — Dirty air filters on older models can impede performance and sap gas, as can a car in desperate need of a tune up. Follow manufacturer recommendation change intervals for spark plugs and spark plug wire and other filters to enjoy improved fuel economy.

Speed Control — The interstate speed says “75” which means you can get there faster. But also means that your fuel economy will take a hit, dropping by as much as five percent for every five mph over 60 mph according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Drive Sensibly — Besides keeping your speed in check, keep your right foot under control too. Jack rabbit starts and other aggressive driving methods consume much gas especially on the highway. Use cruise control too as Edmunds reports that you’ll save on average seven percent in fuel consumption.

Save Gas — Though not having all that much to do with saving gas, using the right fuel can save you money. If you don’t need to use premium fuel, choose regular. Conversely, protect your sophisticated engine if it requires premium fuel. The operative word here is required…don’t risk voiding your warranty.

Avoid These

As far as other possible methods for saving gas, some are not as helpful as you might think including turning off the air-conditioning and opening up the windows. It also does not matter what time of day you gas up and as far as those fuel saving gadgets go, if they really worked manufacturers would include them as original equipment.

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