5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Car Tires

5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Car Tires
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    Your tires are the only part of your car that touches the ground.

    Because of this contact, they gradually erode over time as they're used.


It’s helpful to consider them a “perishable” product—parts that need careful attention and eventual replacement. You can’t afford to mess up your tire maintenance while you’re on your college budget, but there are easy protective measures to take. If you’re nervous about tracking their wear and doing the right thing, make sure to read these tips on taking care of your car tires.

Look at Your Tires Often

Keeping tabs on your tires’ condition is a must, and there are specific qualities to track. A simple way to start is by simply looking at your tires more. Look at all four to see if there are any cuts, cracking, or punctures.

Run your hand over sections you can’t see well and stop to listen for potential tire air loss. If they’re leaking, you’ll hear a slight hissing sound.

If you notice some damage, don’t try to drive on it—install your spare tire, ensure its pressure is correct, and consider repairing or replacing your regular tire.

Check Your Air Pressure

Keeping your tire pressure consistent and up to standards is vital for keeping tire lifespan high. You can find these tire pressure recommendations in your owner’s manual but also on a sticker inside the door jam (to the left of the driver’s seat).

Consistent pressure is important for two reasons: too high or too low pressure leads to uneven tire wear, and low pressure risks a tire blowout. For this reason, you should check your tire pressure every two weeks or so. Buy your own cheap and trusted pressure gauge instead of relying on gas station gauges that may not give you an accurate reading.

Use Quality Valve Stem Caps

Tire valve stem caps—the eraser-sized coverings that prevent stem obstruction and tire damage—must be up to the job. If you lose some, don’t drive too long without replacing them. Ensure, as you take them off to track your tire pressure, that they aren’t difficult to remove.

If they’re rubber, this could mean they’re deteriorating, and if they’re made from metal, this could signal rust. Either way, if they don’t come off easily, it’s time to replace them. Luckily, valve stem caps are inexpensive and can easily fit into your semester budget.

other valuable tips:

Don’t Accelerate or Turn Suddenly

Smart driving practices are also important for taking care of your car tires. You’ll need to eventually replace your tires because they experience large amounts of friction force during each drive. Abruptly changing speeds or direction exacerbates this problem, because it ups this friction, especially when your tires spin out. Instead, keep your driving consistent and your changes in speed and direction gradual.

Service Your Tires

There are additional steps you can take that involve servicing your car. While tire rotation and wheel alignment are different, each help even out tire wear and lengthen their life.

Tire rotation is a routine service that switches your front and back tires that wear differently. Alignment, meanwhile, makes sure you’re driving straight, and your wheels aren’t pulling to one side, which also wears tires quicker than normal.

Image Credit: car tires by Pixabay

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