What You Should Know About Distracted Driving

What You Should Know About Distracted Driving
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    Driving a car is a privilege that not many people have in college.

    You can navigate quickly to wherever you need to go and visit home without arranging prior driving arrangements.


However, your friends may rely on you for rides, or you may be the first carpool choice for every social gathering. Either way, owning a car is a big responsibility.

Unfortunately, the responsibility of having multiple people in your car can lead to distracted driving if you aren’t careful. You can get pulled over for a ticket or even risk your safety. So, what are the precautions to take to prevent losing focus while driving? Here is what you should know about distracted driving so that you stay in tip-top driving shape.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Simply put, distracted driving is any movement that redirects attention away from the task of driving your vehicle. These distractions are ever-increasing, thanks to the prevalent use of cell phones during everyday life. Even more so, many young drivers aren’t taking driving safety as seriously as they should.

Of course, other distractions prevent a driver from traveling safely. The three categories of such distractions are visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. This is what you should know about distracted driving so that you stay aware and remain safe. No matter how much driving experience you have, you are at equal risk for distracted driving as everyone else.

Common Distractions

Young drivers must remain aware of their habits and the habits of others, especially when behind the wheel.

Hands-Free Technology

When you think of distracted driving, your first thought may involve your cellular device. Even if you put your phone away, you’re just as at risk using hands-free technology or headsets.

So, stay off mobile devices entirely until you reach your destination. Disabled drivers should review specific considerations for using their devices while driving.

Other Distracted Drivers

More drivers are using their mobile devices than you’d think. You might drive safely, but a distracted driver can still come along and swipe your vehicle. So, keep a sharp eye out for individuals that aren’t as in tune with their surroundings.

Loud Music and Cosmetic Styling

Cranking up your favorite tunes on your way to work can help you stay energized, but it can also cause you to become less aware of your surroundings. Additionally, some drivers fix their hair or makeup while they’re driving. As a result, they take their eyes off the road. So, keep the music down and set your cosmetics before you get in the car or after you arrive at your destination.

Personal Mood and Feelings

Feeling a bit blue before heading to your class? Sometimes you feel distressed or off-mood while out and about, and it’s completely normal to not feel happy all the time. But don’t let that prevent you from staying focused while driving.

Taking your anger out on the road by driving haphazardly and without caution can lead to dangerous situations. So, stay calm and focus on the road ahead.

Establish good habits while you take on the road. Staying focused will do you a lot of good and prevent any future accidents. Keep your eyes forward and enjoy the ride.

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