The 10 Best iPhone Apps for the College Campus


By Anna Miller

There’s no doubt that the first prize for the largest number of apps being developed goes to the iPhone – this brilliant gadget from Apple has revolutionized the way we use a mobile phone. And while the BlackBerry may have the highest worldwide sales, when it comes to a college campus, the iPhone rules the roost.

If a student can afford one, you can bet your last dollar that he or she is going to buy this smartphone, if not for its cool looks and utility value, then at least for the many apps that are designed exclusively to make college campuses and life on them more exciting and productive. So here there are, a few of the best iPhone apps for the college campus:

  1. eTextbooks for iPhone: Buying textbooks when you’re in college is not a joke – you seem to be shelling out all your money for the huge tomes that you must have. With your iPhone you have the opportunity to buy eTextbooks – they’re not only easy to carry around on your phone, you can also read them wherever you are and raise your productivity.
  2. SnapTell: Another useful app when it comes to finding cheap and affordable textbooks (or any other book or CD or DVD) – just take a photo of the cover and it provides a list of prices and sellers along with their location.
  3. Jott: This app is a great way to take notes – it allows you to voice record your lectures and then transcribe them to your notepad. These files can be emailed to yourself so you have a whole set of notes ready to study when it’s time for exams.
  4. iStudiez Pro: A college student’s life is haphazard to say the least – what with all that’s going on with them, they find it hard to stay organized. This nifty app allows you to organize your classes, homework, exam schedules, assignment due dates and your social calendar in one place – now you don’t have to carry all this information in your head and kick yourself for forgetting that important date or having to rush to meet that assignment deadline.
  5. Wi-Fi Finder: This free app lets you find Wi-Fi hotspots on campus, thus saving you money on your data plan and allowing you to browse the web for free.
  6. Wikipanion: Wikipedia on the web is brought to your phone in this avatar – it makes a quick reference that much easier when you’re on the go. This app is free; however, if you want one with more features, you can buy it for $4.99.
  7. Instapaper: How often have you run of time when browsing the net? This app allows you to save websites in a format that is easy to read on your phone; it also facilitates offline browsing and bookmarking.
  8. Facebook: Anyone who is on the web today uses Facebook; it’s not just a site where you interact with your friends, it’s also a great way to stay in touch with people who mean a lot to you and live far away. This app brings Facebook to your phone, making it easy to stay on top of updates and happenings.
  9. You may be a college student, but that’s no reason not to suck when it comes to spellings. With this app however, you don’t have to worry about finding the right spelling or meaning of a word anymore – it provides access to more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms.
  10. Urbanspoon: Tired of campus food and yet too broke to afford food outside? This app helps you find cost-effective food outlets within a half-mile radius of your campus. Go out, eat to your heart’s content, and return knowing that your wallet is not that much lighter.

There are many other apps for the iPhone that are tailored for the college student, so browse the iTunes store to find what you need.


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