10 Surefire College Football 2010 Happenings


Kickoff set for Labor Day weekend

In about two weeks the first college football games will get underway, officially launching the 2010 season. Over the next four months or so, you’ll be hearing pundits and prognosticators comment about everything from the surprise team of the season to the coaching bomb and everything in between.

At SayCampusLife, we’ll continue to keep tabs on all of the news and present what we hope you will find to be some interesting information just beyond the mainstream reporting including ten “for certain” happenings for this season:

1. Bombs away — During the first weekend and most definitely by the second weekend, one of this season’s top picks will be upset. Unlike when LSU won the national championship with two losses, this team won’t have the luxury of winning out and playing for the national championship.

2. Out for the season — Injuries are a fact of life with football. A Heisman hopeful or other top player will see his season end, perhaps his NFL aspirations with it.

3. SEC champs — The SEC is the odds on favorite for winning it all, an unprecedented fifth straight national championship. But it won’t be Alabama that wins the SEC; instead an upstart will contend for the national title in January.

4. Coach firing — Who won’t finish out their coaching career this year? Anyone who loses a bunch of games that they should have won. At least one seasoned coach will be fired in November.

5. Seasonal surprise — TCU, Boise State and Utah can no longer surprise anyone. Is there anyone left who can? Yes, and that team will emerge as a top ten candidate before October comes to a close.

6. Simply scandalous — Whose scandal will get the news this year? Will it be recruiting violations or some sort of unethical behavior not heard about before?

7. Conference rumors — No conference changes will emerge while the season is active, but that won’t stop the speculation from reaching a fevered pitch once again.

8. Player antics — Not completely related to #6, but an issue nonetheless will be some sort of yucky player behavior that will emerge before the regular season ends. Whether that be gambling on games or sordid dorm behavior, expect something to leak out.

9. Record broken — Records are broken on a regular basis, but one player will have either a break out game or season that will simply defy expectations. And he’ll do it without taking steroids!

10. Bowl angst — As usual, the bowl season will anger some while gladdening the hearts of others particularly Michigan fans if the Wolverines get a warm weather invite around the first of the year.

When the curtain officially settles on the 2010 season following the early January BCS game, check back to see how well I did. I’m willing to venture that I’ll be spot-on at least nine out of 10 times.

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