3 Glam Career Choices for Your Pleasure

3 Glam Career Choices for Your Pleasure
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    As far as careers go, it’s no secret that most of us have a “dream” job.

    A lot of us daydream about becoming a movie superstar or perhaps that Grammy Award winning singer.

    Each of us, deep down has dreams, whether we’ll admit it or not.

    But, there are some attainable careers out there many people imagine are just as exciting and glamorous.


By Amy J. Silver

Let’s take a look at three careers that have exciting aspects to them, as well as just a quick look at what it might take for someone to achieve that career for themselves.

1. Global Corporate Executive

We imagine the corporate executive sitting in his or her corner office, high above the city spread out below. These individuals fly first class or on a private corporate jet to locales around the world. They have assistants and workers at the ready.

The road to the top was not an easy one. Individuals who want to become international business leaders will need to not only have a strong business background, but a multi-lingual one as well. These business leaders usually have a strong educational background that include higher education degrees, usually no less than a master’s level.

Executives may need to be fluent in languages as far reaching as Russian, Chinese, Arabic and others. The mainstay languages of French and Spanish are always of a great benefit.

2. Research Scientists

Individuals working as research scientists are in the enviable position of being on the cutting edge of scientific areas. These people are usually working on projects that will benefit the world — whether it be cancer research or just a better way to refrigerate food. Medical and bioengineering are two top research careers due to the rapid advance of findings and research occurring in these fields. While research can be an arduous undertaking, the rewards are enormous when a breakthrough or new discovery is found.

As can be expected research scientists have a strong educational background in the sciences. These scientists can be found with a basic alphabet soup following their names because of the advanced degrees that are needed — not only an undergraduate degree, but usually master’s and PhDs.

3. Athletic Trainers

You love sports and you see those individuals standing or sitting on the sidelines or court-side. They are the ones that rush out when a player is injured. They are also responsible for helping athletes recover from injuries, as well as day-to-day training. It’s an exciting career with trainers traveling with the team and being involved in the health and strength of the athletes.

Professional, or even semi-professional sports can be exciting and fulfilling to anyone who enjoys sports, and trainers get to be involved in an area few of us even think about while we’re watching the event.

These professionals need no less than a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as exercise physiology or a degree in athletic training.

This article lists just three exciting careers that some of us may dream of achieving. What’s your dream job?


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