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Students who have a gift of creativity may find themselves not fitting in with their classmates. That can pose a problem on the grade school level as “conformity” is the name of the game for public school students. At college, creative students may find the environment more liberating, allowing such students to explore course options leading to careers that enhance and advance their creativity.

Some students have a creative bent.

As you might suspect, the typical creative jobs include writer, artist, inventor, actor and musician. However, there are many other positions where creativity is called for or is the dominate trait for the job. Let’s take a look at several creative careers identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as possibilities for the imaginative person within you.

Graphic Designer – Your familiarity with computer graphics and design software can give you an edge in this career. A bachelor’s degree is usually required with courses in studio art, principles of design, computerized design, commercial graphics production, printing techniques, and website design part of the undergraduate curriculum according to the Bureau. Competition is keen and jobs are expected to expand at an average rate through 2018. As of May 2008, the mean wage for graphic designers was $42,400.

Civil Engineer – People who design and build bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, buildings and other infrastructure are civil engineers. Most definitely, you must be gifted in math, but your creativity has the opportunity to shine especially when you’re given a chance to express yourself through design. Your people skills need to be very good as you’ll manage a team and oversee projects. A college degree in engineering or a degree in math or science can open the door for employment. Importantly, this career field is expanding rapidly and pays quite well. As of May 2008, civil engineers averaged $78,560 per year.

Public Relations Specialist – Who knew that PR could be this fun? Public relations may be the right career path for you if you’re gifted at speaking, enjoy being around people, have a flare for writing and can think outside of the box. Strong familiarity with print and online journalism is a must as is the workings of social media and web trends. A degree in public relations can prepare you for this career which the Bureau says is growing much faster than average. However, entry-level job competition is tough. In May 2008, the average salary for a PR specialist was $51,280.

Landscape Architect – If you like to work independently, then landscape design may be the field for you. The Bureau reports that 21 percent of all landscape architects are self-employed, nearly three times the rate of all careers. Undergraduate and graduate courses in landscape architecture can open doors for you in this field which is growing at a much faster rate than average. Landscape architects work in urban, suburban and rural settings and are instrumental as preserving natural space including protecting wetlands, forests and other sensitive habitat. The median wage for landscape architects is, as of May 2008, $58,960.

Announcer – You may not have a good signing voice and you may not be interested in public relations, but if have the ability to move the crowd, a career as an announcer may be right for you. Television and radio are two areas where announcers have traditionally found work. They also work at sporting events and may work independently as a disc jockey. Formal training isn’t always required, but attending a technical school or college may be helpful. This industry is declining at a slow rate, however you may be able to use your creativity online. Pay is low with a median average of $12.61 per hour.

Creative people are complex individuals, and are both rebellious and conservative according Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, writing for Psychology Today. You may not always fit in, nor should you always try. There are career paths available to you, each of which can bring you much satisfaction as you express your creativity.


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