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Study Tips

How to Write a Winning College Term Paper

Tweet Your paper must be in-depth, cite the appropriate sources, offer your insight and be plagiarism-free. These days, with so much information easily available online, the plagiarism part must be

Personal Advice

Phone Interview Tips for College-Bound Students

Tweet Either way, you need to be prepared for your interview and although you won’t see the person interviewing you, you should comport yourself as if you were in the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

5 College Football Teams That Have Fizzled

Tweet We are well into the 2012 college football season with some teams having already reached the half-way mark. It is no surprise that Alabama is ranked No. 1, but


Is College Too Much Fun?

Tweet College students may find themselves balancing a number of interests including classroom time, studying, work and fun. All studying and no fun makes for a very dull college student.


How to Overcome a Low GPA Obstacle

Tweet 1. College entrance exams. Many colleges and universities require students to take an SAT or ACT test, which can provide a good indicator on how students will perform academically

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College Football: Old Rivalries Take A Hike

Tweet Key games come to an end as conference realignment causes change. The changing face of major college football has sent teams from one conference to another or, in the

College Budgeting

How to Apply to College for Free

Tweet Save money on college applications. Apply to 6 to 8 colleges and you may be out $300 to $500 — a cost that some families may find difficult to


What Does it Mean to Audit a Class?

Tweet How to take an audited class. Well, this practice is known as auditing and it can offer some important benefits to the college student, including allowing for self-improvement or

College Budgeting

How to Get a Free Student Checking Account

Tweet It is quite possible, though, that one thing that you have will come to you free and remain cost-free as long as you are enrolled in college. And that