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U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Book Resale Rights

Tweet First-Sale Doctrine On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a copyright-infringement case, one that will affect buyers, businesses, libraries and other institutions depending on how the

Personal Advice

Emergency Tips for College Students

Tweet When a disaster does come up, we can hope that everything falls into place or, in the case of a pending event such as a late-season hurricane or a


Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements for College?

Tweet Quite easily, you may meet the minimum requirements for some colleges and miss out for others. Every college has admissions requirements, even if they are touted as “open admissions”


What Happens to Excess Pell Grant Money

Tweet The maximum amount of money awarded currently is $5,550 per academic year, an amount that may be over and above what it costs some students to attend college. Excess

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Follow the Big 12 Conference for Fireworks

Tweet College football fans that enjoy a game featuring a pair of grind ’em out defenses won’t want to take in too many Big 12 Conference contests. Those games are


I Cannot Afford College!

Tweet Fortunately, college is not as expensive as you may think and there are a number of ways for you to afford your higher education without going deeply into debt.

Career Planning

How to Approach Your College Job Event

Tweet Read on and we will examine the best approach for you to take as you prepare for and attend a college job fair. 1. Write your resume. You will

Personal Advice

Decisions, Decisions: How to Update Your College Habits

Tweet In fact, there are several specific habits that you need to change as you begin the next chapter of your life. Injecting some new habits into your every day


How to Take an Online College Class

Tweet Not every student may want to take an online class, but if this is of interest to you, the following can help you find classes and perhaps a course

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Is Another SEC-Only National Championship in the Offing?

Tweet The first week of the BCS standings are out and as expected the top two spots are occupied by a pair of SEC teams — Alabama and Florida. Once

Fun News

How to Breathe New Life Into a College Newspaper

Tweet On the junior college level, some newspapers have ceased publication for lack of funds. If your newspaper is struggling to maintain relevance, the following tips can stir your local


What are the Benefits of a Small College Class?

Tweet Large, public universities are more apt to offer such classes, something that is simply unheard of with small, private colleges. There are advantages, though, to college classes that are