How to Use Your Artistic Talents to Sculpt Your Career

How to Use Your Artistic Talents to Sculpt Your Career
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    Any person with a strong interest in art and an abundance of artistic talent often wrestles with the question of whether to pursue a degree in art or whether to try to make a living as an artist without attending an art college.


In almost every case, an aspiring artist who wishes to have a career in the arts will achieve far more financial success and career stability by attending a reputable art school for advanced training.

Although it is possible in the United States to become a successful artist without getting an art degree, the chances of becoming a financial success without it are very low. Artists who can make a living entirely from selling their artworks need to be extremely good at self-promotion and marketing. They usually need to have a rich and influential patron to back them. The majority of artists who try to make a living from art need to have an art degree so they can get employment in the field of art without having to rely on the sale of their artworks.

Degree in Art

A good art degree program offers many advantages to an aspiring young artist. The artist will be exposed to many fascinating and provocative theories of art, meet other talented artists, and will learn basic and advanced techniques to create a wide range of art in two and three dimensions. Most art programs will provide their students with a basic overview of the history of art, an introduction to various theories of art, and instruction in drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, and print making. Upon completion of a bachelors degree in art, students may wish to further their studies with an Art Education Masters.

Art Critic

An artist who has a solid foundation in understanding art history and art criticism can become an art critic. This position usually requires excellent writing skills as well as an advanced degree in fine art.

Art Restoration

A trained artist who has also studied as an art conservator can work in the field of cleaning and restoring old paintings and art works that have been damaged. These positions are fairly rare and require intensive training in materials conservation. An art gallery or a museum may employ an artist who has studied art restoration.


Artists who have an art degree may obtain a position as a curator of an art gallery. In this position, they may put together exhibits of artworks related to the gallery, and they may discover and promote talented artists. This is considered a very prestigious position in the art world.

Art Teacher

An artist who has a solid background in the technical requirements required to produce many different art forms may find a job as an art teacher. Artists can teach art at the high school level for the local school board, at the university level, or they may work in community centers or for nongovernmental organizations. Many artists who enjoy teaching find that being an art instructor allows them the freedom to continue their artwork while earning a steady salary.

Commercial Art

One of the most lucrative fields for artists in the United States can be commercial art. Commercial artists produce the visual images that are used by companies to advertise products to television audiences, in the movies, and in magazines. Commercial artists need to be able to produce captivating images that create a specific theme or concept on fairly short notice. There is a lot of intense pressure to perform in commercial art, but the salaries can be very lucrative.

Art Therapist

An artist with an intense interest in psychology can combine these two fields to become an art therapist. Art therapists use their knowledge of art to help people with emotional problems express themselves through art when they are unable to express themselves in any other way.

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