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Fun News

Interesting Facts About Guitars

Tweet Tanburs, setters and sitars were the basis for the modern guitar, itself descended from stringed instruments that became popular in 12th century Europe and later spread to the Americas.

Advanced Education

How to Prepare for Graduate School in Canada

Tweet Besides, many universities have highly competitive programs and the students that are sufficiently prepared may have an edge over those that are not. Whether you are a Canadian citizen

Study Tips

How to Build Sound College Study Habits

Tweet One habit that may not occur naturally is studying, a problem for some students that may have been carried over from high school or has simply not made the

Career Planning

College Job Training and Single Moms

Tweet One way that women are advancing themselves is through higher education initiatives. Community colleges, for instance, offer job training programs for single moms, by providing a pathway to success

Career Planning

Look Now for Your Summer Job

Tweet The days or weeks before the spring semester begins can be the best time to look for work, including internships that you might undertake. College student summer jobs can

Campus News

Electric Vehicle Interest Remains Low Study Reveals

Tweet That is one of the conclusions researchers from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs came to when gauging more than 2,300 adult U.S. drivers in 21