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How to Pay for College as a Military Reservist

Tweet This Department of Defense-sponsored program is now more commonly referred to as REAP — the Reserve Educational Assistance Program. With this guide you can learn what you need to

Education Tips

Why Accreditation Matters to College Students

You are looking over the material you have received from various colleges and have found a school that is not far from your home, one that offers both night and Saturday classes.

Campus News

Good News: Strong 4-Year Grad Rates For Community College Transferees

Community colleges, also known as technical colleges and junior colleges, provide access to higher education for millions of students.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Fish and Game Wardens

Law enforcement opportunities extend in several areas of public service including police departments and military service. And then there are fish and game wardens, security professionals that are sworn to enforce fish and game law violations.

Campus Life

Cheap Renters Insurance Tips and Advice

If you rent an apartment or a house, you may not be covered in the event your home is robbed or damaged following a fire, storm or other circumstance. You cannot count on your landlord making you whole, but you can count on an insurance company to step in provided you have renters insurance.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Landscape Architects

Residential, industrial and commercial properties alike can benefit from the work of landscape architects, professionals that plan and design land areas for a variety of projects including parks, airports, highways, hospitals, schools and land subdivisions.