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College Football Kickoff: 5 Straight Days of Action

Tweet The 2013 college football season kicks off tonight, the first of five consecutive days of games that concludes with No. 11 Florida State playing at Pittsburgh at 8 p.m.

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About the Collegiate Learning Assessment Test

Tweet Your Grade Point Average is like gold to many employers, a number that sheds light on well you performed academically while in college. However, the GPA is also not

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Washington Monthly Takes Swipe at US News’ College Rankings

Who hasn’t read the college rankings offered by various established sources and wondered how that information is collected and ranked?


Student Aid: Most Undergrads Receive It, Study Says

The likelihood that your son or daughter will receive student aid is great according to the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS) released last week by the Department of Education.

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

NCAA Does About Face For Marine Vet

Tweet You have to give credit to our men and women in uniform, the people that defend us and preserve our freedoms. They put their lives on the line every

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The Talk: College Student Drinking

Most colleges and universities forbid students from consuming alcohol, especially those that are under the legal drinking age — 21.

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Weight Gain and the College Freshman

Its back: stories about the Freshman 15, what some contend is the average weight gain for first-year college students. Fortunately, most people realize that the term “Freshman 15” is erroneous as college students typically gain much less weight during their first year away from home.

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Career Choice: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Detecting illnesses is not something doctors do alone. Other medical professionals play a part, by examining patients with a variety of tools.

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College Football Kickoff: Two Weeks and Counting

Tweet Whether you are relaxing at the beach, enjoying a stroll in the mountains or are hard at work at your desk, college football players are currently in the midst

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College Textbook Shopping: Ways to Save Money

Tweet With many books costing $100 a piece or more, it hardly seems justifiable to pay that amount for books that will in 16 weeks no longer be needed. Fortunately,


Is Pursuing a Journalism Degree Still Relevant Today?

Higher education has changed over the decades as some fields of study that were once considered of prime importance no longer seem so relevant.

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Career Choice: Coaches and Scouts

The next superstar could come about because you spotted and nurtured him or her while he or she was still young.