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Four-Year Degrees at Two-Year Colleges: Why Not?

Its a movement that has been gaining steam nationally with Michigan and Florida among the states now embracing the idea.

NCAA Football

Will Auburn Wreck the BCS Party?

Tweet The stage is set: Alabama and Florida State will clash this Jan. for the national championship. That stage, however, may become wrecked as both the Crimson Tide and the

Campus News

Federal Government Moves Away From Campus Free Speech Blueprint

American college and university campuses have long been bastions of free speech, but the federal government has not always supported academic institutions accordingly. Indeed, earlier this year the government endorsed a University of Montana “blueprint” to restrict speech, one that would have also limited due process and expanded the definition of sexual harassment.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Database Administrator

Ah, computers. They are an essential part of our lives and when they work according to plan, computers are immensely useful. When they cause us trouble, we may curse the manufacturer, programmers or anyone else that has had a hand in development.

Fun News

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students

With the holiday season fast approaching, shopping for your college student may be a bit of a challenge. You know that your child, grandchild or other relation is technologically savvy, but you aren’t.

NCAA Football

Stanford Eliminates Self From National Title Consideration

Tweet It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Stanford, recovering from a surprise loss to Utah on Oct. 12, had knocked off three straight nationally ranked Pac 12 teams including

Campus News

Judge Deems Google Book Scanning “Fair Use”

The Google Books Library Project has the search engine giant cooperating with several major libraries to incorporate their collections within Google Books, a searchable online database that makes it easier for users to locate a book.

Campus News

US Professors of the Year: 2013 Winners

At least one of your college professors may have been recognized as “Professor of the Year” and you did not even know it.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Urologists

Urologists are physicians tasked with diagnosing, treating and helping to prevent benign and malignant medical and surgical disorders.

Fun News

Teens Continue to Abandon Facebook

Teenagers are the world’s future and that is why Facebook with more than 1 billion global users is very concerned. While much of the rest of the world is liking and sharing Facebook posts and pages, teen usage has been falling.

Campus News

Community Colleges Continue to Face Financial Challenges

America’s community colleges continue to provide access to higher education for millions of students. These two-year schools, sometimes called technical colleges or junior colleges, are generally affordable; many provide open enrollment to high school graduates and to those with a GED.

Collegiate Sports

Alabama, Florida State Tighten Grip on BCS Spots

Tweet It is certainly premature to declare that Alabama and Florida State will meet in the BCS title game in Jan. Both teams are 9-0 and have three regular season