The Top Five Reasons Why Teachers Are A Critical Factor For Schools And Student Success

The Top Five Reasons Why Teachers Are A Critical Factor For Schools And Student Success
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    School is not just designed to educate students, it is also an environment that motivates students to become skilled and knowledgeable adults who are set up for future success.


While most parents respect teachers for all that they do to care for and educate their children, many do not realize just how much of a critical role teachers play in the long-term success of students. Passionate teachers who love what they do and make teaching their priority can truly affect a student’s ability to attain their full potential in and out of school.

Here are five reasons why it is critical for schools to hire the best teachers so that students can build their skills and achieve their full potential.

Teachers Have High Expectations That Push Students To Perform

Not all teachers cultivate an academic environment in the classroom where expectations are high, but in classrooms where this still exists, students are much more likely to succeed. It is hard to get motivated in adulthood when you were not taught to set your sights high in your youth. When people who pursue a career in education believe in setting high expectations, they are essentially pushing kids to rise to the occasion in school and out of school as well.

Teachers Help Students Discover Their Definition of Success

One thing that everybody will learn at some point in their life is that each person has their own idea of what success is. Some individuals want to become entrepreneurs or professional athletes and others may envision moving to the big city to work a corporate job for achieving success. The best teachers help students define their own notion of success and help teach students that the definition has nothing to do with being better than someone else with different dreams and aspirations. Only after students discover this, can they learn the qualities and strategies they need to know to succeed.

Making Students Critical Thinkers With Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s taxonomy is a six level pyramid that categorizes reasoning skills into different levels of importance based on classroom situations. If you attend college to pursue a career in education, you will learn a lot about how to move students up the taxonomy and progress their knowledge so that they can become critical thinkers. The most successful people do not simply recall information, they analyze situations, make predictions and assess information. Teachers help students experience authentic learning rather than just memorizing the information.

Giving Students Effective Management Skills

In adulthood, it can be very difficult to succeed if you constantly require management. By creating classroom rules that are common throughout society and displaying these rules in the classroom, students can learn how to manage themselves and stay disciplined. Some rules that are enforced in the classroom may not be enforced in professional settings, but students will learn how to restrain themselves and how to respect their surroundings so that their behavior does not get in the way of their success.

Teachers Believe in Their Students, Which Pushes Them to Believe In Themselves

When a teacher truly believes in their students, it shows. It’s important to realize that teachers are only human, and when they have trouble connecting with a student who is defiant, the student may simply feel like their teacher does not believe in their abilities. When teachers take a step back and realize that every student has a unique learning style and that new methods and techniques can help reach difficult students, they can make a difference. Teachers believing in students who may already feel defeated is what can turn the student’s attitude around.

Anyone who has attended school and grown in the profession of teaching should make student success a number one priority. When student’s succeed, the school succeeds. While most appreciate what teachers do, many do not realize how important of a role that a teacher plays in a student’s life.

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