7 Reasons Why You Should Transfer Colleges

7 Reasons Why You Should Transfer Colleges
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    Your college years will go by quickly, especially if you intend to complete your undergraduate studies within four years.


College should be among the best years of your young adult life, but you may feel that your current college is not right for you. Instead of dropping out, initiating a college transfer should be considered and for the following reasons.

1. You are over your head academically. Your acceptance to Duke, Stanford, Yale or other elite university has placed you in a special class of students. The academic rigor of these and similar institutions has many students clamoring for a seat. However, you’ve come to realize that you’re being pushed beyond your limits and your grades are a reflection of that. Transferring to a less challenging, but still fulfilling school can help you achieve your goals.

2. Your major is not offered. Lots of students choose a college, but then wait to declare their major. You may have discovered that anthropology is not offered at your college, a field that you are eager to study. Finding the right program at another school means you are ready to make that transfer.

3. You’re too far away from the person you love. Your high school sweetheart and you have promised to stay true to each other. Marriage is a strong possibility, but that will wait until after you graduate. The time away from the person you love is a major distraction. He is on the west coast, you’re in the midwest and the separation is tougher than either one of you can bear. Transferring to your loved one’s college or other institution nearby can help ease your separation anxiety tremendously.

4. A family situation requires a change. When you left for college, your world was in order. Since then, things have changed. A parent may have gotten sick, a sibling may be struggling or some other family situation may weigh in. Quite frankly, the money to pay for your education may not be there — living at home and attending college nearby may be the best course to take.

5. The campus culture is not a good fit. Not every college is a good fit for every student. That fit isn’t always recognized until after you begin attending class. For instance, the college may be too liberal or too conservative for your tastes. Or it may not have the friendly atmosphere you want. You’ve done your best to fit in, but you realize that transferring to another school is the best option.

6. You miss your family and want to see them more often. Last Thanksgiving was the last straw. You weren’t able to return home for this all-important family event, choosing to connect with them via Skype. It just wasn’t the same. Getting home for Christmas break is your only affordable option, with many months in between where family contact is limited. Your decision to attend college more than 2,000 miles from your home has you exploring educational options closer to your home.

7. You want to experience a club not offered at your current college. Your college’s academics align perfectly for you, but you want something else: participation in a club not offered by your school. Forming said club is easier said than done. The club you want to join at another college is active, invigorating and would welcome your participation.

Transfer Considerations

Certainly, some of the reasons for transferring here may be frowned upon by others. Ultimately, the decision of whether you stay or go rests with you. If you’re not happy on campus, but you want to continue with your education, then exploring your college transfer options is a sensible approach to take.

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