How to Prepare for Final Exams

How to Prepare for Final Exams
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    The semester is moving by faster than you had anticipated. Soon, your term papers will be due.

    Also, you’re just weeks away from taking your final exams.


Term papers and finals are a one-two punch, what that can take you down if you’re caught unawares. Likely, your term papers are nearly done, so that gives you time to concentrate on your final exams. Here’s what you can and must do to get ready.

1. Tie up the loose ends.

Besides your term papers, there may be a few other loose ends you need to address before your finals are taken. Now would be a good time to review your progress in each of your classes to discover if there is a grade that needs to be lifted or an assignment handed in.

Meet with your professors to discuss your progress. You should have a good idea where you stand grade wise; ask your professors what you must do to lift your grades. You may learn that extra special attention should be paid to a term paper can help your cause or a test before the final may make a difference. Finish up your papers as soon as possible to turn your attention to studying for your finals.

2. Adjust your schedule.

The last few weeks of the semester is when you want to put the pedal to the metal. You cannot do this if there are other distractions. So, plan on not attending a sporting event or other activity if you are behind on your studying. Do attend an event as a reward for your hard work, but only if you are all caught up.

You’ll want to adjust your sleeping habits too, especially if you have been staying up late and getting up early. Your body needs the rest and you cannot afford to get sick. It would be better for you to set up a routine over the coming weeks where you’re well rested and primed for studying.

Eating right is important too — don’t rely on caffeine to keep you alert and temper your intake of soft drinks. You should eat balanced meals, taking in fruit, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Drink plenty of water too.

3. Rewrite your notes.

One way to retain what you have learned is to review your notes. Not just what the professor said, but how you understand what he or she said. Your professor’s words are important, but that may not be enough.

Oftentimes, we hear something, but don’t understand what has been said. Instead of copying something verbatim and leaving it at that, review your notes and rewrite them in a way that you understand them. As long as you keep the spirit of what has been said, your notes should be fine. The rewriting exercise will also help you better retain what was taught.

4. Get with your class mates.

What is the best way to study? Alone? In a small group? Both are certainly beneficial. But when you get with a small group, you can compare notes and discuss the lectures with other students.

The time you spend with your class mates does not have to be long. Within two hours you should find a common ground where information is shared among the students. Choose a quiet area of the library, the student center or some other dedicated place to meet with other students.

5. Set aside time.

Quite easily you could cram for your finals by spending the bulk of the day and night before your exams studying. Some students find cramming to be highly beneficial and can achieve high marks that way.

Cramming may work for some, but it does little to help you retain what you have studied. If you must cram for any class, choose one that is an elective. For classes within your major, you want to retain as much information as possible as you’ll use it again in school and later when you get a job.

6. Taking Your Finals

On the day of your finals, get up at a reasonable hour to allow yourself enough time to wake up, become alert and to take your exams. Arrive at your classroom at least five minutes before its starts.

When taking the exam, complete all answers to the questions you know first. When done, return to those questions or statements you skipped. Review all your work before handing your exam in.

Finals Finale

Your finals will be over and done before you know it. Commit your time to studying and you should do well with the grades to reflect your efforts.

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