How to Overcome Inertia

How to Overcome Inertia
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    Inertia — it is that feeling you get when you just don’t want to do much of anything.

    Some people call it the “blahs” others describe it as a “blue funk” as if a color can adequately those feelings.

    Then again, if you are in a dark mood, then you know what I am talking about.


With inertia, you are not entirely lackadaisical — you may desire to get something done, but you lack the energy or the deep interest you need to get started. If you think about it too much, then your inertia will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, you may put off starting that critically important term paper.

There can be a number of reasons why you feel like you do. We’ll explore them in a bid to help you overcome each one.

Reason No. 1 — You’re not feeling well. A physical ailment can make you tired, listless and unable to do much of anything. With various viruses going around, you need to rule out those possibilities first. So, make an appointment with your school’s health clinic to discuss how you are feeling. A nurse practitioner or physician can make a determination, prescribe medication and help you get back on the road to good health.

Reason No. 2 — Your sleeping habits are abysmal. An erratic sleeping schedule can wear you out and make you feel like doing absolutely nothing. It is important that you make a sleep schedule and follow that regimen. Specifically, aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night. If you are having difficulty sleeping, then visit your health clinic for assistance.

Reason No. 3 — You’re homesick, upset over a personal problem or are battling a nagging worry. Sometimes, the problems we face can paralyze us from moving forward. For instance, that inertia is really a fear or a worry that is holding you back. Instead of allowing it to master you, seek help to address the problem. Certainly, a mental health counselor, pastor or other professional can be the person you need to talk to. If your feelings are particularly dark, then your problem is especially critical. Ask for help and you’ll get it. But, you still must ask.

Reason No. 4 — Your diet is out of control. The fabled “Freshmen Fifteen” is just that — a fable. Still, it is quite possible that for some new college students they’ll put on the 15 pounds that first year, maybe even much more. The culprit is often the food or what passes for food that students may eat. This is where making healthy choices is important: make sure that your diet is balanced, with ample vegetables, fruits and protein throughout the day. The occasional pizza is fine, but if your main meals are mostly pizza and brew, then you have a problem.

Reason No. 5 — You’re not getting enough exercise. A quick burst of energy can help dispel inertia. That energy, however, may not be forthcoming if you find yourself getting rides everywhere and not participating in any activities, including intramural sports. You don’t have to become an exercise maven, but you should achieve at least 20 minutes of exercise daily. By doing so your body will release important hormones (endorphins) to help you feel better.

Other Reasons for Inertia

Certainly, there can be many other reasons for simply not feeling like yourself. For instance, your class load may be impossibly burdensome. So, speak with your advisor on getting relief. Also, you may find that major is simply not to your liking. Again, your college advisor can help you too.

Whatever the reasons for why you aren’t feeling like yourself, share those feelings with someone you can trust. It isn’t a sign of weakness that you’re being vulnerable, rather it is a sign that you care about yourself and want to get past the feelings that are besetting you.

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