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Student Health

How To Stay Healthy and Focused During College

College can be a fun time full of new experiences, but it can be a time filled with stress, as well. Because of this, taking some extra steps to look out for your health can be important.

Student Health

Common Exercise Mistakes To Avoid

Exercising helps you maintain optimal health and gets your mind off homework and exams. However, working out is no simple task, and you might hamper your own performance or even injure yourself.

Student Health

9 Little Known Benefits of Exercise in College

Losing weight has long been the main reason most college students bother to exercise. But most college students don’t know all the other health benefits of exercise, even the ones who occasionally work out…

Student Health

Students: Here’s Why You Should Avoid Living a Sedentary lifestyle

Tweet Once you wake up in the wee hours of the morning, the next time you’ll rest is deep in the night. A sedentary lifestyle comes in when we don’t

Student Health

Weightlifting 101 for College Students

Tweet There are different methods of implementing weight programs. They include cardio, diets and weightlifting. Weightlifting is essentially the most important technique which can provide a more chiseled result on

Collegiate Sports

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Your College Sports Team

Maybe you are not an athletic person. In fact, for you, the best thing about college is that you no longer need to attend those annoying physical exercise classes.

Student Health

A Guide to Better Health as a College Student

Good health is important because it enables you to keep track of academics as well as other activities that are important to your college life.

Fun News

How to Easily Start Getting Yourself Into Shape for Summer

If you want to fit nicely into your summer clothes and swimsuit, you should start in February or March. You will panic in June when you first put on your summer clothes and then realize they don’t fit nicely, then you will have to spend June instead of March and April just trying to get in shape for summer.

Campus Life

The Benefits of Exercise for Students Includes Happiness Too!

Tweet We would list a few of these here. 1. Meet new people. This is an amazing way to meet new people. You can meet people on the jogging track,

Personal Advice

UCLA Cardiologists Offer Heart-Healthy Advice

You are never too young to consider your heart health. As a college student, you are exposed to germs, fatty foods and binge drinking, what can make you sick, wreck your health or even kill you.

Personal Advice

How to Overcome Inertia

Inertia — it is that feeling you get when you just don’t want to do much of anything. Some people call it the “blahs” others describe it as a “blue funk” as if a color can adequately those feelings. Then again, if you are in a dark mood, then you know what I am talking about.

Campus News

Missouri Researchers Tie Physical Activity to Vascular Health

Most people understand that physical inactivity is not good. Indeed, individuals that regularly engage in exercise are in better health than those that do not. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine have found that even going without exercise for a few days can also adversely affect personal health.