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Student Health

Guide to Buying a Study Chair for College Students

Better posture, more productivity. What do I mean by this statement? Let me dive a little deeper and give you some proven facts.

Student Health

Stunning Flu Statistics – How to Keep Yourself Safe From the Flu

Tweet In under two months, the number of confirmed cases of influenza in New York has reached epidemic proportions. This year alone has set the record, since 2004, with almost

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Making the Most Out of Your College Years – 4 Tips

Tweet That is why you should make the most out of your college years. Below are some tips for making your college experience awesome: 1. Take courses just for fun

Student Health

A Guide to Better Health as a College Student

Tweet Here are tips you can follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. Always observe your diet Failure to follow your diet can result in too many body

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UCLA Cardiologists Offer Heart-Healthy Advice

Tweet You are never too young to consider your heart health. As a college student, you are exposed to germs, fatty foods and binge drinking, what can make you sick,

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How to Overcome Inertia

Tweet With inertia, you are not entirely lackadaisical — you may desire to get something done, but you lack the energy or the deep interest you need to get started.

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Healthful Eating and the College Student

Tweet You were raised to eat a certain way while at home. Hopefully, that way incorporated a lot of sound eating habits, what can contribute to good health overall. At

Career Planning

10 In-Demand College Majors

Tweet We’ve scoured through federal government job projections and surveyed the American career landscape and have determined that the following ten college majors offer superior career opportunities for graduates. Keep

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Wellness Advice for College Students

You need to take good care of yourself! That statement may be obvious to most people, but it has a certain urgency for college students. After all, if you miss too many classes because of health problems you may find it difficult to keep pace for the semester.

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Adderall and College Culture

Tweet By Robyn Schelenz For most students, the fall semester has just started and test-taking may be weeks away. But, before you know it, midterms and finals will be here

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What You Need To Know About Meningitis

Tweet Colleges across the United States and Canada will soon be back in session, with millions of students heading off in pursuit of academic excellence. While classes are on the

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Swine Flu: Prepared or Panicked?

Tweet As the final weeks wind down in the academic year, many students have their eyes set on the summer months, a time when schedules change as do pursuits. Maybe