How to Make the Most of a College Snow Day

How to Make the Most of a College Snow Day
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    Your college runs like clockwork, starting and finishing each semester on time and without interruption.

    Well, usually it does. It just so happens that the most significant storm of the decade is bearing down on your campus.


And though most students are local, the administration has decided to put everyone’s safety first and declared this day a snow day.

Likely, you will need to make that date up somewhere and somehow, but consider it a rare gift and one generously received. You probably have some ideas on how you will spend it, but if you’re not careful you’ll squander a few propitious opportunities to make excellent use of your time.

1. Sleep in. You need encouragement to sleep in? That isn’t likely. However, if you have sufficient notice that a snow day is upon you, then why not? Moreover, sleeping until 10 a.m. certainly beats waking at 7 for your Applied Economics lab.

2. Head to the cafeteria. Maybe sleeping in isn’t such a splendid idea after all. Especially if the cafeteria workers had trouble getting in. Likely, you won’t starve, but the food pickings may be slim. Besides, a hot cup of coffee or tea would do you well to kick off your day.

3. Stake out the quad, commons or green. Every college has them — a central outdoors area where students convene to hang out. In the middle of a blizzard that domain is certain to be piled high with snow. What a great time to form snowmen, construct forts and challenge your fraternity to team up with a sorority and skirmish with another team for the snowball crusade for the ages. Also, you can enlist a few faculty members to contribute their arms.

4. Buzz over to the library. Classes may have been canceled, but that does not mean all college services have been shut down. Chances are the library is bustling with activity and it may be a great place to gather with your friends. For the intrepid student, cover your books, study materials and devices, and find a quiet area of the library to study. At any rate, your term paper will still be due on the same date, so take advantage of this bonus time to move your research down the line another step.

5. Contact student services. The anticipated basketball game against your archival is still scheduled for tomorrow night, but the college needs students to help shovel walkways. The plows will be busy in the parking lot and students with stout backs will be given a shovel to render assistance. In fact, you’ll also earn money, what can make up for missing work.

6. Take photos and engage with friends on social media. What sense is a snow day if you can’t tell people about it? Your BFF chose to go to school in Miami where it is always summer or seems that way. Besides, she’s constantly sending her bikini on the beach photos to you starting in Nov. and running through April, so why not show her what your campus looks like when covered in snow. Certainly, she will be jealous that you got the day off to enjoy a winter wonderland, what you both loved as children.

7. Prepare for the next day. Where did the time go? You may have wasted the entire day at this point, which isn’t necessarily terrible. The best news is that you had fun. However, the grim news is that it is extremely unlikely that classes will be rescinded for two consecutive days, so get your stuff ready for the next day as it is certain to be a doozy.

Weather Closings

If you are an off-campus or commuting student, verify your college’s closing by visiting the school’s website. However, that might not be enough, particularly if the site hasn’t been updated because of the storm. Check Twitter, the school’s Facebook page or simply call in to find out if you have the day off or are expected in.

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