College Football – Can You Handle It?

College Football – Can You Handle It?
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    If you have a dream of becoming a footballer, then consider attending your college recruiting exercises.


First ensure that you have what it takes to be a good footballer. Be honest and realistic about yourself by listening to what your parents and close confidants have to say about your desire and capability to play football. There are many things to keep in mind and these factors can easily break down some college students.

Past achievements

Serious players often keep a profile of their past achievements. They even post their resume on the college magazines and other forums. This makes them get noticed and it’s a good way to catch the attention of the coach.

Many good footballers are wanting to be picked and that is why every year there are long queues. Everyone wants to grab the opportunity to play for the college club and enjoy the many benefits associated with it. It is usually a tough moment and some even shed tears when they do not get accepted. Being in the club can be the beginning of a career and even better opportunities ahead.


Note that the coaches do not care whether you come from a footballer family or not. They are on a strict program with timed precision that has to be met to the last letter. So, their main agenda is to ensure that you can successfully fulfill this program.

Look presentable

Do not waste too much time pampering yourself because they will not be looking for that. Do not forget to look your best, because looking shaggy is a put off for anything. Before the coaches read out your profile or talk with you, the first impression is how you look.

Stay in shape

They want to know that you have the body shape of a footballer. This is a physical sport and the structure and muscle alignment need to be in tandem with the requirements of the sport. Overweight and too thin folks might have a problem going through this stage.

Hone your skills

The skills and talents that you have are the most important part of the recruitment process. The coach will want to know what talents you have and what you have done. There may be a practical session to test your prowess. Good coaches will identify the people who have not only the basic skills but who also have the potential to learn and grow further.

Control your emotions

Above all, control your emotions. If you are not mentally prepared, you might hate your stay in the team which will drag down your college experience. There are many challenges that face a footballer; a controlled mood is the only solution. The coaches have a timed program that they adhere to and expect results within a certain span of time. All these requirements may be pushed on to you in form of arguments and rude talk. Ask yourself if you can handle this.


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