Being A Student What 5 Morning Activities For Supercharging My Brain?

Being A Student What 5 Morning Activities For Supercharging My Brain?
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    Performing simple morning rituals can supercharge your brain which makes you feel a little happier and be more confident throughout the day.

    This is only achievable through the power and strength of a morning ritual.


The way you spend those few minutes upon waking up can affect the way you feel for the rest of the day. If you wake up feeling tired, stressed or overwhelmed, you are not starting your day on the right foot. It’s very unfortunate because most of us start their day this way. You mainly focus on the tasks you will tackle and feed your mind with negativity by drinking a cup of coffee or reading the newspaper.

Here are 5 simple morning rituals to supercharge your brain for a more productive day:

Smile upon Waking

This might sound quite simple, but smiling on seeing the light of a new day can significantly help boost your mood. Every time you force a smile in the morning, it sends signals to your brain that prompt it to produce chemicals that make you feel happier. Smiling in the morning gives you the opportunity to be thankful for the gift of another day and sets you on the right note for the rest of the day.

Take Water

Drinking water upon waking up helps to keep your body well hydrated. It is very important because your body becomes dehydrated when you are asleep. Try your level best to avoid taking coffee or other beverages during the first hour after emerging from slumber land. Drinking water will make you refreshed and naturally energized. Chances are that you might even avoid that cup of coffee

Get Physically Engaged

Starting your day with an exercise makes you feel energized. Your mood has strong link with the way you use your body. To get your body primed, start by engaging in physical activities like walking, jogging, stretching or yoga also there are various exercise for the healthy brain is available that can consider for better result. Exercising in the morning helps to wake your body up with adequate energy for the day’s tasks.  

Feed Your Brain Positively

The media nearly always report about negative events and starting your day by reading a newspaper or watching TV can negatively affect your mood. Start your day by reading, listening or watching something inspirational. This helps feed your brain with positivity which you’ll carry on for the entire day. You can also start your day by meditating to curb worries, fears or stress.

Map Your Day

It’s worth to spend a few minutes every morning to organize your tasks for the day. This will help you figure out the most essential tasks you will have to undertake for increased productivity.  Failure to plan your day means you might react negatively when faced by a challenge. Putting it into writing will help your brain focus on the tasks without forgetting some details.


These 5 simple morning rituals can help supercharge your brain for a more productive and enjoyable day. They are great ways to kick start your day with improved mood, less stress and feeling more relaxed. Make these rituals every morning and you will be amazed to see the improvements.  

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