College Fun: Who is Schooling Who Now?

College Fun: Who is Schooling Who Now?
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    College is fun, it always has been.

    Every year we have more and more fun stuff popping up in colleges all over the world.


These higher leaning institutions teach us more than we are prepared to learn. Sometimes it’s the students doing the teaching! Here is a summary of all the fun news doing rounds on college headlines.

Don’t Say or Do That or I Will Sue You!

Wonders will never cease. So what are Trigger Warnings and Microaggressions?

You better get acquainted with these two words before someone slaps a lawsuit on you. It is now considered a microaggression to say or do things that might trigger emotional distress.

Do not ask people where they were born, if they are good at a subject or crack any racial joke (however innocent). You will go to jail for that.

Lectures are being modified to avoid using trigger words and activities that may harm students psychologically. Everything is becoming too conservative. Oh wait, that statement is republican, and kind of microaggressive! What are we learning in college these days?

To Curse or Not to Curse? That’s the Joke

If you thought being sued for using regular language or asking questions was a bit over the top, wait until you hear this. No more Cursing and telling dirty jokes in colleges! This is slowly being institutionalized in all colleges.

Stand up comedians (Jerry Sienfeld and Chris Rock) have expressed their concerns over these new rules and are rallying to stop this draconian move by college authorities. Aren’t we grown up already? What? You think we are going to learn how to curse from Dave Chappelle? Looks like TD Jakes is taking over comedy night!

Hey, Show Me That Again

North Dakota stand up! Hold on to your seats for this one.

Did you hear about the 2 cops who mistook a college student’s telescope for a rifle? They even thought one of the student’s sweater looked like a tactical jacket and called for backup! Better watch out guys, you might get killed for your love of the cosmos. Always carry your telescope to the library, no chance of getting shot there.

Something Fun to Do

Here is a little exercise to take you through the week. Now we all know there is no complete class without the following stereotypes. We have teachers’ pets, the bullies, the metal heads, the nerds, the babies, the goths, the band geeks, the jocks, the stoners, the prom queens, the old guys, the glue eaters, the artists and finally the class clowns.

For this week you will go around campus and list 10 people in each category then share the list with friends to see where they place you. You could be surprised how people see you in college. Remember to tone it down lest they get in trouble for microaggression!

Warning: Failure to share this post with a friend will trigger heartache to the writer and thus constitute to microaggression.


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