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College Living

The Pros and Cons of Living On or Off-Campus

Most students take college life as easy and fun, but without making responsible decisions it can be very challenging. One of the most important decisions to make is about accommodation.

Campus Life

4 Tips to Maneuvering Around Your New College Town

Arriving on your new college campus can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new things makes for a lot to do and a lot to enjoy.

College Living

How to Prepare Effectively For College Life in 5 Easy Steps

Tweet Life in college can be pretty easy – but not when you’re ill-prepared. The most successful people today and the ones who made the most out of their college

College Living

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Live Alone in College

Tweet As a freshman, you probably live in a dorm, but upon starting your sophomore year, the urge to move into an apartment or a house is great. You might

College Living

Dorm, House, Frat or Sorority: Your Choices of Where to Live

Tweet Make no mistake about it, where you live while you are in college can have a big impact on so many other areas of your life that it’s hard

College Living

College Housing: Just Like Home?

Tweet When it comes time to discuss the subject of college, few conversations get around to the subject of housing. For better or for worse, however, where a student lives

Social Networking

Social Networking in College: What Does it Mean?

Tweet Tips and advice from another college friend of mine: With so many social networking platforms available these days, the concept of social networking has changed. On the very first

Fun News

College Fun: Who is Schooling Who Now?

Tweet College is fun, it always has been. Every year we have more and more fun stuff popping up in colleges all over the world. These higher leaning institutions teach

Education Tips

About Those Campus Overnight Visits

Tweet Such stays are typically for one night and may take place in the dorm room of someone that the prospective student knows that attends that school. Overnight stays can

Personal Advice

How to Graduate from College without Student Loan Debt

Tweet By Kimberly Reynolds Two-thirds of college seniors graduated with loans in 2010 and carried an average of $25,250 in debt. Although these facts are alarming, keep in mind that

Education Tips

Make The Most Of Your Campus Visit

Tweet If you’re in high school and are considering which college you will attend, then making an on-site visit is an important part of your decision-making process. However, just visiting