10 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities for Students

10 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities for Students
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    Working together as a team is essential in almost every walk of life.

    Everyone must possess the necessary skill set to work and behave like a tight unit, from office-goers to students.

    Collaborative potential can help your team to thrive over time.


Now, there are various ways to ignite the team-building potential in your group of students. From playing at the mystery rooms Bangalore to even organising a virtual book club, there are several options that you can choose from. 

In this article, we have enlisted ten fun virtual team-building activities to help nurture your students’ collaborative potential. So, check these out:

1. Playing a virtual escape room game

A virtual escape room game is an exciting way to teach team spirit to your students. During the game, as your students work under pressure to solve all the riddles in time, they will unconsciously learn to work as a team! Breakout offers various immersive and realistic virtual escape room adventures that you can choose to play. 

2. Team-Building bingo

A team-building bingo is one of the best ways to break the ice amongst your students. You can share a bingo card with your students and ask them to join a virtual session. Your students will have fun as they strike off the things that they have done on their bingo cards! 

3. Once upon a time…

Ask one of your students to randomly start a story with the phrase "Once upon a time…". Then ask the next student to pick up after the first has said at least one or two lines. In this way, let each of your students add one or two lines of their own to the story and let them give vent to their imagination!

4. Play the detective!

The spy starts by doing a particular action while the others follow suit. For this game, pick two of your students randomly. Let one of them play the detective and ask them to close their eyes and count to forty. Now choose another student to play the spy. Then let your detective open their eyes and try to guess who the spy is while the spy continues to change their action making it tricky for the detective!

becoming the detective

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5. Sixty-seconds sketch!

In this game, give your students precisely sixty seconds on the clock and ask them to sketch whatever they can within that time. Once the time is up, you can look at each other’s sketches and enjoy rejoicing over what the others did!

6. Virtual Pub Trivia

Virtual pub trivia is a fun way to bond with your classmates! All you have to do for this is invite your classmates for a video call and tell them to bring their favourite drink. Then let the host divide your mates into separate groups and read out a few questions. The team that is the fastest to answer the questions wins! 

7. Ice breaker questions

You can use an online dice roller or a lucky draw wheel to pick whose turn it is! This way, students can get to know each other well and discover their shared interests! For this, you must prepare a few ice-breaker questions you can ask your students.

8. Tiny virtual campfire

What can be more exciting than a virtual campfire to bond with your classmates? So, get ready for a virtual campfire in session!

Look for some candles, matches, and maybe some marshmallows around the house to prepare for a virtual campfire. Also, don’t forget a few spooky stories to animate your virtual campfire with your classmates!

9. DIY Craft Challenge

There can be no better way to nurture the creative spirit of your students than by having them participate in a craft challenge. You can either have your students make the same craft item by following a manual or design different ones based on their desires. It does not matter what they make, as long as they help each other and have fun doing it! 

10. The Map challenge. 

All you will need for this game is access to a world map (of your choice). Now, divide all your students into small groups of 3 or 4. Give them a particular amount of time in hand, and ask them to enlist as many states, cities, towns, etc., as they can from the map. It is a great team-building activity, especially for a geography class!


With that, our article draws to its end. But your work is just yet to begin. Try out these 10 fun and exciting activities with your students and see if they help you break the ice! 

Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at Breakout escape room. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut You can find her on LinkedIn.

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