Factors That Determine Price When Checking Out a Shipping Container

Factors That Determine Price When Checking Out a Shipping Container
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    Shipping containers can be used for a lot more than freighting goods from one corner of the world to the other.

    They can be converted into storage units, restaurants, bars, and even a fully furnished eco-friendly home.


Because of its multipurpose uses, quite a number of people purchase shipping containers for various reasons. If you are one of these people, one of the questions you are likely to ask is how to determine what to pay when shopping for shipping containers. You can get answers to this question and others like it on a website called shipped.

In order to ensure that you don’t overspend on your purchase and you are getting absolute value for your money, it is important that you have sufficient information about the major factors that determine to price.

Generally, shipping containers costs is between ranges of $2000 to $4,500. However, how much you will pay for your own purchase depends on a combination of factors. Factors to consider include the age and condition of the container, the size, as well as additional fees and even the dealer or supplier selling the container.

Age and General Condition of the container

Unless in some special cases, you don’t actually need to purchase a brand new container; depending on what you need it for, a used or one-trip container will work just fine.

One-trip containers can be considered as relatively brand new since they only carry a single cargo from where they have been manufactured before you purchase them. Single-trip containers show only minor signs of damage and will be useful for a wide range of uses.

As expected, the price of one-trip containers will be more than that of older used ones. However, since they are less worn out, you can expect them to serve you longer than those that have been used as cargo containers several times. But this isn’t to say you can’t buy the much older containers too.

There are a good number of used shipping containers out there that are still in great condition. Some only require little repairs and they will be just as good as new. If budget is an issue. Then you can go for low-budget used containers that are still in fairly useable conditions.

However, when purchasing used containers you should ensure that you inspect for damage before making a purchase.  In this case, knowing the things to look out for before making a purchase is important. When this isn’t possible in case of an online purchase or similar case, then dealing with a trusted and reliable supplier is highly recommended. Read here to learn more about what to look out for when buying used containers.

Container size

Generally, when shopping for containers, you can choose between either standard or high-cube containers. These two types vary slightly in dimension. While standard containers have a dimension of 8ft ×8ft and are 6 ft. high, high-cube ones measure 9ft by 9ft and are also 6ft high.

Typically, standard containers come in two length varieties. They are either 40-footers or 20 footers. It is also possible to find some containers with extra width from certain manufacturers but you might have to pay a little extra for them since price generally varies with size.  Some suppliers also offer custom sized containers for an additional fee. Usually, the bigger the container size, the higher the price.

Extra fees

In most cases, the most important extra charge that contributes to the price of your shipping container is the delivery fee. This is in addition to special permits charges and other small fees you might be required to pay in some cases. Delivery fees can be quite significant especially if you are buying a container from a location that is far away from the supplier. In fact, in some cases, this might even be higher than what you have to pay for the container itself. This is why buying from a supplier near you is a very good idea.

You should also inquire about the delivery fee and other charges when discussing price with a supplier. In most cases, there is a flat fee set on any delivery within a certain radius or for specific locations. You will have to pay extra if you need the container delivered beyond this area.

Other things that might cause prices to be inflated due to additional charges include is if you want to rush orders or you want same day delivery or if the delivery location is difficult to find. Some suppliers will also charge you extra when extra time is spent on deliveries at the drop site or if they have to do some extra tasks to get the container installed for you.

other valuable tips:

The supplier you are buying from

One final thing that will most definitely influence price is who you are buying the container from. Price varies from one supplier to the other. You will definitely have to pay more if you are making your purchase through a middleman or from a reseller. In most cases, you will be charged a markup fee by the middleman which will further push the price higher than it should normally be compared to if you are buying directly from a manufacturer or dealer.

You can speak to different suppliers and get multiple quotes. This way you can compare the price and choose which of the options available will be best for you. However, be sure that your decision isn’t based solely on who is selling you the cheapest container but also the reputation of the supplier. For more about buying how to determine pricing of shipping containers, read here: https://www.business.com/articles/pricing-and-costs-of-shipping-containers/


When checking out shipping containers, it is important that you put all of these factors into consideration while planning your budget. In most case, what determines the price and quality of the container you want to buy is what you want to use it for. So be sure to know the type and size of the container that works best in your situation and makes your choice based on that.

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