Five Tips to Help You Financially Get Through School

Five Tips to Help You Financially Get Through School
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    Attending college is one of the most costly expenses you will incur.

    Whether you are attending undergraduate or trade school, expenses can add up quickly.


Here are five tips that will help you get through school with the least amount of debt as possible.

Live as Far Below Your Means as Possible

Many students adopt a ‘buy now and pay for it later’ philosophy. Instead, your goal should be to minimize every expense. Instead of spending your money on parties and social events, limit your spending. There are plenty of free campus events that will provide hours of fun at no cost to you. Ordering pizza and getting take-out should be occasional luxuries. Take advantage of the meal plan in your school’s cafeteria each day.

Get a Part-Time Job

Depending on your course load, you might have a few extra hours each week you can use to devote to a part-time job. Finding a job will limit your free time and keep you from spending excess money out of boredom. Look for jobs that are on or near your campus. There are also online opportunities that do not require you to leave the dorm room.

Budget Your Expenses

Creating a budget enables you to keep tabs on your finances. This will prevent you from using your credit cards unwisely. A budget also allows you to discipline your spending patterns. These habits will be useful to you when you begin to earn a regular paycheck.

Apply for Scholarships

Each year, foundations establish billions of dollars in scholarships for deserving students. It is up to you to search for them. Scholarships are the best way to defray the high costs of education. Yet, many students do not apply for them. There are a plethora of options for general and career specific scholarships. For example, students who aspire to attend law school can apply for scholarships like this ( that can help pay for school-related expenses. When applying for scholarships, it is important to apply as early as possible.

Find Financial Partners

There are other students whose resources are as limited as yours. Find students who are willing to pool their resources with you. For example, you could share the expenses of a pizza on a special occasion.

Going to school does not have to break the bank. By following these tips, you can get through school with your finances intact.


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