What Will Make the 2015-16 College Basketball Season Exciting

What Will Make the 2015-16 College Basketball Season Exciting
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    The 2015-16 college basketball season is underway, meaning that there is excitement in the air among fans.

    The usual heavyweights such as the Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke are here, although they are being challenged by mid-major powerhouses such as Wichita State and Gonzaga.


Whoever eventually wins, basketball fans will have a great time finding out. Below is a look at what will make this college basketball season exciting.

New Shot Clock

The 35 second shot clock has been replaced by a 30-second one. The previous one was an old fashioned way of playing basketball that only rewarded bad offense while hurting good defense. While the 5 second reduction might not seem as it if will do much good, it may make a significant difference in the way teams play on the two ends of a court.

More aggressive zone defense together with more pressing can be expected so as to force offensive players to shoot while trying to beat the clock.

Increase in Restricted Area

Another major rule change is the increase in the restricted area to 4 feet from where the basket is, up from 3 feet. Even some of the most seasoned college basketball fan can get tired of referees’ block or charge dilemma. This is a rather tricky call for referees, and this change will make it easier, in turn cleaning up the game.

Additionally, it disdains to the game if a defensive player slides at the last moment into the area that is restricted for an outrageous charge call which should have never been called. The bottom line is that block/charge is not a real basketball play and the larger restricted area will minimize such nonsense.

High-Profile Hot Seats

Managers are replaced now and then at the college basketball level; over 40 head coaches either left programs or were fired during the offseason. This season has a number of high profile coaches are under intense scrutiny.

Most notable is Tom Crean, the Indiana coach who has been tolerated in recent times due to the good work he has done before. However, his leash is becoming tighter and there will be no excuses this season as he has a fairly strong team.

Another coach to watch is Josh Pastner who is coaching Memphis. Memphis has a rich basketball tradition and have had their first empty-handed postseason in 15 years.

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The Maryland Transfers

It’s been quite a while since so many talented players have entered new programs. As a matter of fact, more than 600 players have transferred since last season ended.

Maryland University appears especially set to benefit most from these transfers. One-time Duke defensive player Rasheed Sulaimon is probably the new transfer to be on the look out for. Should he accept his newlyfound role in his new team, he will definitely make a huge impact right away.

College basketball has always been fun, and this season will be no exception. The factors mentioned above will definitely make this season even more exciting.

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