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NCAA Basketball

NCAA Men’s Basketball Highlights 2015-2016

Tensions are rising as the NCAA men’s basketball season draws nearer to the end. The season started off on November 13th with a few rule changes including: reducing the shot lock to 30 seconds, allowance of dunking during warm ups and reduction of the team time outs from 5 minutes to 4 minutes.

Job Search

How to Answer 15 Most Popular Interview Questions

As a recent college grad, it’s normal that you become anxious at the very thought of going to a job interview. After all, it takes practice to ace this kind of interaction. But don’t worry – with some preparation, you’ll be ready to face even the most curious recruiters out there.

Fun News

Learning a New Language – As Easy as ‘A B C’!

This is some commentary from a college friend of mine: are you looking to pick up a new language for the New Year?

Job Search

How to Jump Start Your First Job Search

It’s about time to start your life. Whether you’re currently a student or you’re a recent grad, landing the job you’ve been working toward won’t always be a simple task. Your skills and qualifications are fresh, and you want to jump in while you’re at the peak of your knowledge.

Student Loans

Private and Federal – How to Choose the Best Student Loan for You

The reality is that if you can’t pay for your education yourself or get a full-time scholarship, you are probably looking into getting a student loan. The main purpose of this article is to provide information based on which you can decide which student loan is best for you.


Getting Financial Aid: 4 Different Kinds of Financial Aid for Students

The first step in applying for financial aid is completing the FAFSA, or Free Application for Student Aid. There are four main types of financial aid.

College Living

Couponing Tricks You Probably Haven’t Heard Yet

Using coupons seems like a pretty straightforward process. You locate the offer for a product you need, and use it to get a discount when you go shopping. However, there are more tricks and tips you can use to maximize your savings.

Online Education

3 Things to Consider Before Taking Online Courses in College

Before you choose online as the route that is best for you, it’s important to understand that this format can be a challenge. Here are 3 things to do before starting online course work. Hopefully they help you decide.

Campus Life

The Dos and Don’ts of College Clothing

For college students it’s easy to view class as an opportunity to take casual dressing to a whole new level. After all, you don’t have anyone checking anymore to make sure you aren’t violating the high school dress code.

NCAA Basketball

What Will Make the 2015-16 College Basketball Season Exciting

The 2015-16 college basketball season is underway, meaning that there is excitement in the air among fans. The usual heavyweights such as the Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke are here, although they are being challenged by mid-major powerhouses such as Wichita State and Gonzaga.

Job Search

A Great Career Counselor will Prepare You for Life After Graduation

You want to make sure that you can land a job after you actually get your degree. A guidance counselor that is unaware of the different career prospects in your given field is not very helpful.

College Search

Your College Search: The Best Campus For You

Record college application numbers have been reached for virtually every college and university in the nation.

Unfortunately, there is also a growing number of students who, once they are accepted by a college and spend a period, transfer to another institution. The problem: in many cases, those who end up wanting to transfer have been misinformed about the college and the programs they offer.