Millennial Studies: An Exercise in Keeping Fit

Millennial Studies: An Exercise in Keeping Fit
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    In the 90s, university campuses were pits of heavy drinking, easy sex, lad and ladette culture, and the kind of intermittent studying reserved for people essentially on free grants.

    You could throw three sheets to the wind, emerge from university with a 2:2 and still find a decent job with a steady salary.


But we’re not in the 90s anymore. In the present day, students are more likely to reach for a J2O than a WKD. Binge drinking amongst young adults in the UK has dropped markedly in the past decade. In a study from the Office for National Statistics, less than half of young people reported drinking anything in the past week, compared with two-thirds of 45- to 64-year-olds.

Bolstering this newfound puritanism is a heightened awareness of health issues, an aversion to smoking and an active engagement in keeping fit. Many in the 90s’ generation are, however, suspicious of this new craze.

Changing attitudes

In her column for the Guardian, Zoe Williams writes, Health has got to them all, like a cult: they are also less likely to smoke, and the evidence of our own five senses gives us young people in hordes jogging, climbing, journeying eternally from one institution of wellness to another, serious-faced in Lycra, taking responsibility, counting footsteps, living the dream.

"They must look at previous generations, the lad and ladette (read beer) culture of the 90s, and wonder who on earth we thought we were."

The clash of generations is clear in that last quote. It’s like reading a granddad trying to figure out dubstep or a well-meaning uncle attempting to make head or tail of their niece’s Taylor Swift album.

The new crazes

But you’d be hard-pushed to seriously find someone quite so suspicious of a few extra jogging sessions from the new generation. Although the cuts in levels of drinking are partly driven by socioeconomic circumstances and lower quality of life, the millennial generation also enjoys a more proactive studying regime, making the most out of their formative years.

Many are even buttressing the raised cost of studying by taking part in personal training courses, allowing them to finance their degree by putting their passion for fitness to good use.

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A course for fitness

These courses have turned an increasing number of the population into fitness fanatics who get paid for their passion, providing them with information on nutrition, calisthenics, differing body types and much more.

Turning this passion for working out into a part-time job has given plenty of students a much-needed extra income. So if you’re a member of the fighting fit generation, hop on the personal training bandwagon to fund your studies.

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