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Why we Must do Everything to Protect our Future’s Right to Free Speech

Tweet Students are the future of any country, and it is for this very reason that students should be taught well the value of questioning and debating what they are

Campus Life

Maintaining Optimal Air Quality in a Dorm Room

The accommodation during your studies needs to meet certain health requirements in order to maximize your brain performance. Your dorm room should not be seen merely as a place you sleep and party in, as some studying should also occur for time to time.

Study Tips

How to Approach Learning and Studying in College

It is no secret that college needs a lot of studying. Learning how to study effectively can be tricky sometimes, but with the right tips, you can combat all your studying issues.

College Living

5 Essential Tips for Living on Campus: Do’s and Don’ts

Living on campus has almost become a rite of passage that most university students have to go through. From the convenient location to the social opportunities available, campus life offers numerous benefits — though it takes time and effort getting used to.

Personal Advice

Millennial Studies: An Exercise in Keeping Fit

In the 90s, university campuses were pits of heavy drinking, easy sex, lad and ladette culture, and the kind of intermittent studying reserved for people essentially on free grants.

Job Search

The Importance of Summer Internships to Help You Get a Job When You Graduate

When you’re working on your education at college, one of the most important questions you might have to ask yourself is if you should be working during school. Because as everyone knows, qualifications aren’t enough to help you land that dream job after you graduate – employers are looking for experience too.

Campus Life

First-Year Follies: 5 Common Freshman Mistakes to Avoid

Your first year at college is most likely going to be extremely exciting and difficult—all at the same time. The entire experience can be difficult to handle, no matter how much you think you have prepared.

Study Tips

6 Essential Study Tips for Lowering Your Stress Level in College

Let’s face it: college can be stressful, and without careful planning and time management, it can get overwhelming. Between classes, work, and extracurricular activities, when are you ever supposed to find time to study?

Education Tips

Alternative Education Ideas for ADHD Diagnosed Students

ADHD diagnosed students can suffer from a range of emotional, academic, and discipline-related issues. The disorder may manifest itself differently depending on the person, but treatment options are often the same.

Career Planning

Career Planning – 7 Tips for Better Planning of Your Career

Career planning isn’t an activity that you should only do once — in college or high school — and then leave behind as you progress with your job and career. Rather, it’s an activity that is best done regularly.

Education Tips

8 Immersion Tips for ESL Students

If you’re an ESL student, you know how difficult it can be to manage studies while trying to hone your skills in speaking, reading, and writing English.But take heart – there are small things you can do that make a big impact on your progress as an English speaker.

Study Tips

3 Tips from a College Instructor for First-Year Students

It is no secret that college is difficult. I learned this lesson many times through my six years of undergraduate and graduate coursework.