Why You Don’t Need to Get a Job Immediately After Graduation

Why You Don’t Need to Get a Job Immediately After Graduation
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    Have you ever imagined who you will be in 5, 10 or 20 years?

    Or have you ever seriously thought of the impact of your lifestyle to your future?


The time after graduating is the best time for you to sit down and think about what to do.

Write down all your goals.

You may think that it sounds stupid but actually there are many studies indicating that when you define all your goals and share them with your friends, it can really make a big difference to your decision. As when you do that you will have an endless inspiration as well as the best motivation to make your dream come true.

Begin with a new language.

The younger we are, the easier it is to learn and use a new language. If you have just graduated and wondered what you should do after college, why not learn a new language? You can study by yourself, take an online course, or just find any class if you want. You will experience the fun and excitement of learning a new language and access to the new culture. In particular, knowing a few languages will help you get more employment opportunities.

Travel, Travel and Travel

If you can find the right way to spend and save money, you can go anywhere. Some choose to continue living with their parents to save on housing costs. Others find seasonal jobs to be able to travel during their holiday season. There are many options for you to consider. Going there, experiencing life and culture in the new land will give you a fresh perspective, and add energy to yourself.

Be a volunteer – Why not?

There is so much to do after graduating from college. Finding a job and making money is just one of them. Although volunteering will not bring you any money, the actual experience you have and the fact that you have completed a job that you like is worthwhile in its own right. You can find out about the charities around you, or the NGOs to start your volunteer journey.

Or – Come back to your university and start on something new.

Returning to college and continuing with college or graduate school is the reality of many students. There are many reasons why people decide to go back to school. Some people feel that they are not ready with their knowledge they gained and want to broaden them.

Or maybe they don’t like the career field they are studying or the field they choose doesn’t have many job opportunities. If you find yourself in these situations, find out about the training options. Or consult with your siblings/your teacher about your plans after graduation.

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