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Career Planning

Why You Don’t Need to Get a Job Immediately After Graduation

Tweet The time after graduating is the best time for you to sit down and think about what to do. Write down all your goals. You may think that it

Career Planning

Career Planning – 7 Tips for Better Planning of Your Career

Tweet Career planning isn’t an activity that you should only do once — in college or high school — and then leave behind as you progress with your job and

Career Planning

Four Practical Tips on Career Planning

Tweet We all desire a successful career. Undoubtedly, in your own little or big way, you want to conquer the world. This isn’t at all impossible, even when you think

Featured Social Networking

4 Tips to Help You Network Better as a College Graduate

It’s no secret that these days networking is important in your job search after college graduation; yet many grads make the mistake of limiting their searches to online job postings and sending out resumes to random companies.

Featured Fun News

Keep Your Budget in Check by Engaging in Free Activities

As a college student you know the importance of keeping your finances under control, but you also enjoy hanging out with friends and relaxing after a long day of classes and studying in the dorm.


5 Ways to Reduce Your College Costs

Tweet While student loans have its place, there are five ways to reduce your college costs significantly, thereby reducing your reliance on borrowed funds: 1. Fill out a FAFSA —

Career Planning

Summer Jobs for College Students

Tweet Finding Work Finding work is important for many students who can use the income to pay for college and personal expenses. Work can also be useful to demonstrate experience.

Personal Advice

5 Fun Activities For Winter Break!

Tweet Colleges and universities across the nation are finishing up their fall semesters giving students a long break that will last them through Christmas, New Year’s Day and, in some

Personal Advice

How Will You Spend Your Summer Break?

Tweet Over the next few weeks thousands of US colleges will ending their Spring semesters finishing up yet another school year. Many students are graduating and seeking their first jobs,