Top Ways to De-Stress and Stimulate Your Brain at the Same Time

Top Ways to De-Stress and Stimulate Your Brain at the Same Time
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    Going to college can be one of the most rewarding times in a person's life, but that doesn't mean it comes without its difficulties.


While the peaks of your time there may be the best times you’ve ever had, the lows can be exacerbated, too. This can be because of stress, being far away from home, or other difficult life circumstances, which can all affect how you perform in your course. It can seem an impossible task to stay focused while also learning how to wind down and step away from the stress, so take note of these small but useful tips to help you stay on track.

Go for a walk

Stepping out from studying to go for a walk is more beneficial than you might think. Walking for even a short amount of time is a great change of scenery from your desk and can provide you with a more stimulating environment. Studies have shown that aside from the release of endorphins that reduce stress levels, walking improves your memory capacity. This will be especially useful to you if you have an up and coming exam where you need to learn more information.

Though walking through an urban setting is still helpful, it is advised to find a more natural setting to walk in, such as a park or a tree-lined path. Being surrounded by nature induces a sense of calm and connectivity, which helps you to think through stressful situations more rationally.

Try yoga

Yoga has been renowned for centuries for its healing benefits, which can keep your body and mind feeling balanced. The slow movements and concentration required during yoga mean it is a meditative sport, where your body is forced to relax after a long day.

During a yoga session, you may also need to face some difficult emotions for you to get the most out of it, but you can do so in a relaxed setting. Make sure to close your door; try to have calming music playing, try to ensure that you have some essential oils burning if you are practicing by yourself. After your practice, you should feel lighter and energized, especially if you have chosen the right essential oils.

Read a book that isn’t for your course

Reading for fun may be something you haven’t done in a while, which can leave you feeling uninspired by your course material, even if you are passionate about it. Although reading is meant to stimulate the brain, going over the same content for a lengthy amount of time will be more likely to make you want to switch off.

If you can find the time, make time in your day to read something you love. The content you choose could be an old favorite or some new material that you wish to try out. Not only will this stimulate the creative part of your brain, but it will also give you the much-needed escape from stress for a short while.

Play interactive games

Gaming has long been known to be an excellent outlet for reducing stress, where you can work out your negative emotions in the game world. While it can make you feel better, it might also take up more of your time than you were anticipating, which can lead to less sleep and more stress when you have little time to complete your work in.

The best games to play are those that get your heart racing and your body moving, such as Escape Games. Here, your brain will be working hard to find the answer to puzzles so that you can escape, and it will also give you a dose of fun. The release of endorphins, as well as getting your whole body moving is the perfect recipe for reducing stress and setting you up to take on more challenges.

Talk to your friends

Your friends may be the only people who understand the stress you may be going through, as they are in the same boat as you. Talking to them about your worries will enable you to learn what helps keep them calm but will also provide you with the perfect outlet for your emotions. Once you have processed and shared your negative feelings, time can be spent talking about other subjects, and plans can be made for once your workloads are lighter. Laughing, joking, and debating issues with other people are essential; it can be more beneficial and stimulating than you may think.

Listen to classical music

Listening to any form of music can help people work through any emotion. Whether it be slow music as a cathartic release for sadness, or happy music to stir up excitement within someone, music can have a profound influence on a person’s decisions and choices. This music is great for emotional health and can also serve as a distraction.

In fact, the best kind of music to keep someone calm is classical music, which has also seen immeasurable benefits regarding increasing brain activity during studying. Creativity grows from classical music, which you can harness more efficiently when you are less stressed. The next time you study, play some classical music in the background or listen to it to help you fall asleep in the evenings.

Switch off

It may seem counterproductive but learning how to switch off is the key to reducing stress. When you are tired, you might become more irritable and more stressed, as your brain isn’t functioning the way you want it to. Taking a break from the outside world is something you shouldn’t feel guilty about, as it is necessary to increase productivity and a healthy mind and body.

Occasionally, it’s wise to turn off your mobile phone and spend some time away from everything so that you can return with a fresh mind. If you are finding it hard to do this, create a calm environment to sleep in so that you can be well rested for the up and coming days.

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