The Pandemic Guide For College Students

The Pandemic Guide For College Students
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    As a college student, it might be hard to live the self-quarantine life when you’re used to staying busy with friends.

    Not only is your social life on pause, but schooling has just become a big hurdle.


If you’re struggling to find ways of coping with stress and achieving your goals, here are a few tips that can help.

You Are Not Alone

Although it may not seem like it, there are thousands of students in your same situation. Even professors understand how difficult it can be to take classes online in the middle of a semester. Along with feeling frustrated with your peers, try to connect with them. Together, you can find solutions to the problems you face and support each other.

Most gatherings have gone digital. If you have friend groups that you can’t see in person anymore, try using Zoom or another video chat service to ease the loneliness in quarantine.

Some restrictions have been raised, which accommodates larger gatherings and public resources reopening. As you decide what is best for you, keep in mind the safety of others.

Find Ways To Cope With Stress

It’s not uncommon to have feelings of stress and fear during the pandemic. The effects of isolation are real, and they can affect your mind and body. If you feel extra down or sad, find ways that help you destress.

For some people, that’s by doing habitual things that invite relaxation. Consider lighting your favorite candle or watching your favorite show.

Yoga can be a great way to relax the mind and body. This slower type of exercise still gives you a great workout while giving you time to focus and calm your mind.

Along with yoga, consider doing more exercise to wake up your body and reduce the stress in general. Running, hiking and weightlifting are all great options to cope with stress.

Get Outside More

While the weather is nice, take advantage of the outdoors. Because most places outside aren’t enclosed, you are much safer to be out there. When feeling agitated, take a ten-minute walk around the neighborhood.

If your roommates are still around, consider going on a quick camping trip. The beautiful scenery and nature can do a lot for your mental health.

Plants are proven to boost your productivity and attitude. Consider getting some plants to put in the apartment. You may have to check with the landlord first, but this can be a fun way to introduce more life into your dull rooms.

other valuable tips:

Analyze Your Options

Depending on covid cases, some areas are allowing more activity in the community. More stores are opening up, campuses may be opening and public spaces are more available as long as social distancing is enforced.

Consider spending time at the library. Especially if you have some assignments, being somewhere besides your apartment can help you focus. Remember to wear a mask and stay six feet apart from others to maintain your safety.

Although this time is challenging for many students, you can find ways to enjoy it. Perhaps you can spend more time with those you live with, or maybe you like the idea of online classes. Whatever you do, try your best to stay positive and look ahead to the future.

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