What are the Pros and Cons of Part Time Learning?

What are the Pros and Cons of Part Time Learning?
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    Many high school leavers look forward to enrolling for courses in different colleges as full time students.

    This is what is expected of somebody's educational trend.


To some people, this is not possible due to different circumstances. One could become a mother right before joining college, others could be forced to study part-time by financial issues. Why do people choose to study part-time? Let’s have a look at the benefits and disadvantages of part time studies.


  • Work while you study

    You can study while earning at the same time. This means that you are able to maintain your income while you’re still learning. Part time studies are planned in such a way that you balance your work with your study commitments. With your part time studies you can make use of your experiences and expertise as the essential part of your studies. Some employers sponsor their employees to further their studies to develop their potential. They either offer financial support or give their employees paid study leave.

  • Balance your personal life with study

    Part time studies allow you to balance your life with learning. Being able to combine studies with personal commitments is the best thing ever. You can choose courses that allow you to access learning resources and study materials remotely at your own time.

  • Financial advantages.

    Maintain your income as you learn through part time studies. This way, you will be able to balance your personal commitments as you finance your studies. In most colleges, part time fees tend to be lower than full time fees.

    In other colleges, undergraduate students are allowed to apply for study loans which sorts out the fees until one is done with their learning. The loan is later repaid in installments when one is able to earn a certain figure salary.

  • Enhance your career

    Through part time learning, you can enhance your existing career, develop new skills for promotion purposes and increase the chance of changing your career. When you further your studies part time, you develop skills and knowledge that employers out there are searching for.


  • Taking longer duration

    Part time studies tend to take a longer time to complete a degree or diploma course. This can be really frustrating especially when your coursemates graduate before you.

  • Balancing life and work

    It can be a struggle to balance work, family, study and other responsibilities. Trying to balance all these can result in poor time management which is disastrous. Sometimes you might end up neglecting your studies and not meeting the course requirements as a result.

  • Stress

    Just like the full time students, you will still meet the stresses of meeting deadlines, completing assignments and passing exams.

  • Availability

    It’s not all institutions that offer part time learning. This also applies to faculties and courses. It is important you do your research well before selecting a course and a college.

other valuable tips:

The above information will help you choose well and choose wisely. According to your current situation, you will be able to decide if part time studies will work for you.

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