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How to Get a More Personalized and Meaningful College Experience

When you think about college or university classes. it’s only normal to picture a lecture hall full of students with the professor speaking into a microphone just to be heard at the back of the room.

Study Tips

The 4 Best Places to Study in College

Many students would agree with me that when it comes to serious studies – the classrooms or dormitories are not only a bad idea but also can be a distraction.

Money Tips

4 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online as a Student

Education is getting expensive nowadays. So, there are many students who are looking for jobs in different places. But working along with studies can be difficult.

Education Tips

Identifying your Individual Learning Style as a College Student

Professors cannot teach everything in class. Therefore, students have to cover the rest on their own during their private studies.

Campus Life

How to Be a Successful Student in College

College can be tough and overwhelming especially if you don’t know how to handle it. Things like assignments, exams, and grades can make you feel like you want to quit and try something else.

College Living

The Pros and Cons of Living On or Off-Campus

Most students take college life as easy and fun, but without making responsible decisions it can be very challenging. One of the most important decisions to make is about accommodation.


How to Improve Your Chances of Winning College Scholarships

Different organizations and individuals award student scholarships for various reasons. They aim at talented students or those in need of financial aid.

Study Tips

How to Avoid Procrastination in College in 10 Simple Steps

Procrastination is a common thing among many college students. It is so funny that they all know what to do, they just don’t want to do it.

Education Tips

5 Awesome Work-Study Jobs for College Students

Getting some work-study jobs under your belt while you do a college program is an amazing way to put something good on your resume. In fact, it is recommended by the Department of Education.

Education Tips

What are the Pros and Cons of Part Time Learning?

Many high school leavers look forward to enrolling for courses in different colleges as full time students. This is what is expected of somebody’s educational trend.

Student Health

Going Away for School? 4 Essential Items for a Complete Kitchen

If you’re going away for school, you have probably heard of the Freshman 15 phenomenon, which refers to the amount of weight typically gained by students in their first year of college.