How to Start Doing Business While Studying in College in 2020

How to Start Doing Business While Studying in College in 2020
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    The year 2019 is over; now, it's time to come up with a great business mindset while studying in college.


Starting a business is a way to help you pay your rent and handle your daily budget through school; you just need to be inspired and get motivated.

If you do it right, then maybe it can lead you to great success; the best thing about doing business while studying is that you have a perfect place to offer your product or service on your campus.

So here are some great business ideas to do while studying in college:

Create online classes

If you love teaching other college students, then this is your chance to start your business. It’s easy, and you don’t need to meet them in person.

What you need to do is create online courses that are easy to understand for other students.

However, you have to be careful about what you’re doing, because you might get into big trouble if you copy the courses.

Just make sure that you change the way it should be; for example, your courses would be a different spin and make it more simple to understand. They will pay for this kind of work if you do it correctly.

Delivery service on-campus

Delivery service has been expanded all across the country that will deliver any packages like foods or goods around your area. But, unfortunately, there are no or few services that will deliver goods in any college universities.

This might be your way to start doing this kind of business. For example, there’s a big group of students who need coffee or food but, doesn’t want to bother waiting in the cafeteria and instead save their time to study. Or your professor forgets to get his suit from the shool dry cleaner that needs to be delivered in his office.

This business idea can be a very big help to you, and it’s really cheap to start this business. You need a bike, and a courier bag; make sure that it’s strong to hold the stuff in it. Also, don’t forget to use a GPS if you can’t find where they are, or if it’s a big campus.

College dorm service

You might also like this idea because some other students do not like to clean their dorm; instead, they focus on their studies. So, take advantage of offering your service of cleaning their dorm and get paid for just cleaning up the room. The best thing about this business idea is that you can start the service at any time on the campus.

other valuable tips:

Offer language transcription service

Some people need transcription services to learn the language. If you know about their language, then this is your opportunity to start offering your service to them. This would be a great way to make money by helping their needs.

But first, before you can get a fee for your work, you need to set up a website where other companies upload their documents in just one language. You can use an online portal, and when they want you to transcript their language, then you could tell them to upload their documents through your website. Once they upload it, then you can start working on the documents that they need and then send it back to them and get your payment.

Once again, this simple business idea is a great way to make money while studying in college. You just need courage and motivation to make it real, and that way, you can afford your living expenses while in college.

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