4 Fun Ways to Get Around Your College Campus This Fall

4 Fun Ways to Get Around Your College Campus This Fall
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    College is a time to explore and experiment.

    This includes exploring different ways to get around campus!


Who said you’re forced to drive, walk, take the bus, or bike? You are in that stage of your life where you can find some quirky, fun ways to get from one place to another.

Here are 4 fun ways to get around your college campus this fall.


Glide around like one of the cool kids on your skateboard or longboard. You’ll be able to store the board safely in your classroom without too much trouble, and it can get you to your destination faster than walking.

Just make sure to get plenty of practice. You don’t want to wipe out in front of everyone else.

Electric Bike

Bikes are boring. However, motorcycles require a lot of money and upkeep. Meet somewhere in the middle with an electric bike. The motor will get you where you need to go quickly and safely.

In the case the motor doesn’t work, you’ll be able to use the bike as a regular bike. When you get to your destination, lock your bike in the regular bike storage area.

However, you can also find a black folding electric bike that you can bring into your class with you.


Bring back the nostalgia of going to the roller rink by strapping on some rollerblades and hitting the street. You’ll get a good calf workout, and you’ll get to class more quickly.

The only problem with this method is that you will need to prepare extra time for you to take your blades off and change into regular shoes when you get to your destination. You’ll also need something


Hoverboards came out years ago as a novelty gift, and they picked up steam quite quickly. They are convenient since they don’t require you to use any hands. You just need to learn how to use your body to control the device.

other valuable tips:

This may take some practice, but, once you learn, you’ll be ready to cruise. Hoverboards are small, so they are easy to bring inside when you get to class.

This is the time for you to express yourself and try silly things. These modes of transportation will make it easy for you to get around and make friends. Just make sure you stay safe.

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