Life Skills You Should Know Before Moving Away to College

Life Skills You Should Know Before Moving Away to College
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    If you've just graduated from high school, going away to college is a major step forward.

    It's a time of change and new experiences.


Moving away from the comforts of home can be nerve-wracking, but some simple preparation can put those nerves to bed so that you can focus on what really matters: your education.

Before you say goodbye to the hometown, make sure to brush up on these critical life skills you should know before moving away to college.

Time Management

Attending college essentially means taking on another job, and whether that job is part-time or full-time depends on how many credit hours you’re taking. Add on an actual job, which many college students balance alongside school, and you’re looking at a packed schedule.

It’s normal to worry about whether you’ll have enough time for everything. Time-blocking and scheduling are essential, not only to get everything done, but also to avoid burnout.

Don’t fall into the trap of letting all your responsibilities pile up. Block out some time every day to get studying and homework done, and don’t forget to schedule breaks for yourself.


It can be tempting to throw every part of yourself into your studies, but the rest of your life is just as important. Keeping up with simple day-to-day tasks will not only keep you sane, but also reduce some of the stress that college brings about.

This means keeping your housing unit clean and your car in tip-top shape. Remember to check in with people as well—old friends, parents, classmates.

Maintaining good relationships is good for your mental health, and it might just be the thing that keeps you going on the off days.


College can be a big expense. Your finances can fall by the wayside with so many other things on your mind, such as your studies and meeting new people. Keeping eyes on your pockets is crucial during this time.

Track your weekly expenses, and cut down on needless spending. Even simple purchases such as ordering takeout or buying new clothes can add up in the long run. Finding out how much money you have available to spend each week will allow you to focus less on what you don’t have and more on what you can have.

These are just some of the important life skills you should know before moving away to college, but they’re also some of the most essential. College can be a time of new stressors and anxiety. By ensuring you have the skills to keep your out-of-school life under control, you allow yourself the freedom to succeed in school and your life beyond.

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