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College Planning

5 Lessons From an Admissions Counselor for Young Students

Are you a high school student hoping to head to college soon? You probably already know that there’s a great deal involved in the process.

Personal Advice

4 Fun Ways to Get Around Your College Campus This Fall

College is a time to explore and experiment. This includes exploring different ways to get around campus!

Job Search

Job Hunting Tips for Graduating Seniors

While every graduating class has its own unique story, there’s no doubt that the class of 2020 has one of the best of the bunch. They finished their classes online, their prom was DJed, and, of course, they graduated in the midst of a global pandemic.

Personal Advice

The Best Hobbies for Introverts

As an introvert, you need time alone to recharge in some of your free moments. Otherwise, you risk burning yourself out from your schoolwork and even your large-group social activities.

Job Search

Finding a Job in 2020: Tips and Tricks for Recent Graduates

Graduating is the most gratifying moment for students as they are gearing to professional life eager to showcase the detailed knowledge amassed while studying.

Personal Advice

Life Skills You Should Know Before Moving Away to College

If you’ve just graduated from high school, going away to college is a major step forward. It’s a time of change and new experiences.

Education Tips

How to Improve Executive Functioning Skills

No two people have the same strengths and weaknesses and everyone has their unique way of learning and being taught that resonates with their personality, likes, and dislikes.

Education Tips

The Different Equipment Used in University Labs

Universities are regularly at the forefront of research, but a university lab is only as productive as its equipment allows. Whether you work directly in the university lab, oversee its budget, or you’re a part of the campus administration, you need to support the lab with reliable equipment.

Online Education

Tips for Improving Your Virtual Learning Experience

Whether you’re a college student or professor, nobody saw a global pandemic on the horizon that would force schools to transition to online learning coming.

Career Planning

Life Steps You Should Take After Graduating College

If you’re a college student about to graduate, you’ve likely worked at least four years toward a momentous goal. Once you’ve walked the stage in your cap and gown and have lost the structure of classes and other campus activities, the transition into the rest of your life can look incredibly daunting.

Student Health

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Whether you’re a student, educator, or administrator, plenty of things cause stress on a college campus. Small doses of stress can push you to get things done, but in large doses, the feeling can become paralyzing.

Student Health

The Pandemic Guide For College Students

As a college student, it might be hard to live the self-quarantine life when you’re used to staying busy with friends. Not only is your social life on pause, but schooling has just become a big hurdle.