Six Ways You Can Go Green on Your College Campus

Six Ways You Can Go Green on Your College Campus
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    One thing the entire world is becoming increasingly aware of with each passing year is the ongoing threat of climate change.

    The state of the world's environment will drastically worsen if efforts are not made to stop it.


Thankfully, everybody can do their part to help improve the atmosphere. It all starts with one person making small changes and encouraging others to do the same.

If you are a college student who lives on campus, you can not only make changes to your own daily lifestyle, you can also motivate your peers and your college staff to do the same. If your college campus makes efforts towards going green, you will collectively make huge steps towards improving the environment.

Here are six easy ways you and your college campus can go green.

1. Go Solar

One of the largest-scale solutions to going green is by changing the energy sources you use. Making the switch from burning harmful, pollutant-heavy fuels to power your building to using clean, renewable solar energy goes a long way towards improving the air quality around you.

If your campus has not already considered this option, campaign with others for your community to buy solar panels, as the change is clean, beneficial, and ultimately more efficient thanks to the abundance of solar energy.

2. Use Less Energy

You can make quick and easy changes to cut down on unnecessary energy usage around the campus. If you come across an empty room with the lights on, flip the light switch to turn the lights off.

If your phone is fully charged, do not leave it sitting plugged into the outlet. Instead, unplug the charger and any similar electronic devices that are not in use to conserve energy.

By simply unplugging and shutting off energy-consuming items that nobody is currently using, you can make a big difference in saving energy. Encourage this practice among your peers, and soon the entire campus will be saving immense amounts of energy.

3. Use Alternative Transportation

If you live off campus and drive your own car to school every day, consider changing this practice. If possible, walk or ride a bicycle to your destinations as often as you can to cut back on the emissions from your car. This has the added benefit of giving you some great sun and exercise, which can be easy to neglect if your time is occupied with studying or writing papers.

4. Travel With Others

If walking or riding a bike is not an option for you, then cut down on the number of vehicles on the road by taking public transportation instead. You can either take a bus or shuttle to your destination, or you can carpool with your peers. By freeing up the number of cars on the road, you will do your part to cut back on both pollution and traffic on the roads.

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5. Reuse

Everyday items that you might consider to be trash can be repurposed in ways that can help you. For instance, cardboard boxes and paper shopping bags can be used to store items.

Additionally, instead of using plastic water bottles, buy a reusable bottle or cup that you can fill up at your campus’s water fountain refill stations. If everyone got their water this way, plastic consumption will be cut down significantly.

6. Recycle

Plastic, aluminum, and paper should go into designated receptacles for each to be recycled, rather than going into the trash. Food scraps as well can be used as compost for the outdoors, instead of being thrown away. Do your part to recycle materials and dispose of waste in the proper manner as opposed to letting trash pile up.

Big changes start small. By making these adjustments to your daily life on the school campus, you can make a difference. Encourage your peers and the staff to make the same changes, and the whole school can do their part.

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