Tips for Becoming Successful Uber Driver in College

Tips for Becoming Successful Uber Driver in College
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    Finding ways to make money during college while working around your schedule is a challenge.

    Freelance side hustles are some of the best options for earning some extra cash without hindering your social or homework time.


Signing up for a rideshare business—such as Uber, for instance—lets you decide when you want to work, but you’ll have to be strategic if you’re going to make a significant profit. Follow these tips for becoming a successful uber driver in college.

Don’t Go Bare-Bones

As an Uber driver, your main priority is to get riders from point A to point B—but going the extra mile can make a big difference. Offer snacks, water, phone chargers, and any other accessories you find riders often need. Doing so will increase your ratings as a driver on the app, thus boosting your business.

Tips are vital to making money as a driver. The more you offer to help passengers enjoy their ride, the more likely you are to receive a nice tip. Practice friendly and accommodating customer service if you want to make more money.

Get Strategic

When there aren’t many drivers available in a busy area, Uber will enact surge prices. During these times, fares will increase to accommodate the rush.

As a driver, there’s a way you can gain even more from surge pricing. If you notice a particular area is always busy at the same time every night, log out of your app ahead of that specific time.

Doing so will signal to Uber there are fewer drivers available, raising surge prices. Then, log back in and reap the benefits of surge prices.

Don’t Circle or Search for Surges

Circling all day or night, waiting for users who need rides, or driving greater distances to benefit from a surge price isn’t worth it. Ignoring the hot spots and staying true to your area will save you gas money and increase your demand in that location.

Be the Designated Driver

Living in a college town means there will be plenty of other students look for rides home from bars or other places at night. While you’ll have to give up your Saturday plans, you’ll certainly make good money. Plan to venture out around the time the bars close to pick up students in need of a safe ride home.

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Of course, this also means students are relying on you to keep them safe. Driving late at night can be dangerous, so make sure you brush up on late-night driving tips and that you feel comfortable on the road before inviting others into your vehicle.

Uber driving is the perfect way for students to make money while in school. Enjoy the benefits of instant payment and flexible hours but do your research first. Following tips for becoming a successful uber driver, like those listed above, can make a big difference in the earnings you take home.

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